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15 Unique Tealight Candle Projects

We’ve written about DIY candle projects a number of times before because, to be honest, there are just too many good crafting opportunities out there to fit into just one post. Whether you’re actually physically making your own candles themselves or perhaps just creating something that a candle will look nice standing in, we’re sure you’ve noticed by now that candles are a crafting enthusiast’s dream in terms of versatile DIY supplies. If you ask us, however, tea light candles are particularly great to craft for and with because their low height and uniformed rounded shape makes them easier to size and fit neat designs to.

Check out these 15 awesome DIY projects that were conceptualized specifically for little tea light candles and that will help you keep your place glowing any time you please!

1. Washi tape tea light candles

Washi tape tea light candles

As you probably already know, if you’re any kind of crafting enthusiast, tea light candles actually already come in their own miniature “holder”. For the most part, tea lights are made and sold in a small metal tray that gives them their shape and makes them so easy to insert into other designs. If you’re really hoping to keep things incredibly simple in terms of tea light candle holders, Cheap Crafting suggests decorating what’s already in front of you! Try wrapping washi tape around the edge of the original little silver tray, matching the colours and patterns on your tape to the event décor scheme or the room around you, depending on what you’re using the tea lights for.

2. DIY bottle cap tea lights

Diy bottle cap tea lights

Are you in love with tea light candles but you’d actually prefer to make your own miniature ones from scratch rather than just buying pre-made and pre-sized ones? The check out this totally awesome novelty concept of making your very own little candles inside a bottle cap! They sure won’t need a separate case made for them since the one you’re building the candle right into is already so kitschy and pop culture cute. See more details of how they’re made on Handmade Charlotte.

3. Snow drift tea light holders

Snow drift tea light holders

Among the many other things they’re good for, simple, cheap tea light candles make a great opportunity for the holidays. We know we’re not exactly near Christmas right now by any means, but sometimes it’s nice to stockpile DIY ideas for the future so you’re prepared when that season arrives! That’s why we couldn’t pass up the chance to show you these awesome “snow” covered tea light holders from Hometalk. We love the way the textured finish actually looks like snow.

4. Easy DIY scented tea light candles

Easy diy scented tea light candles

Perhaps you clicked on this post hoping that our discussion of tea lights would actually teach you how to make some tea lights of your very own? Well, we still think you’ll need to take a look at a few of our holders and perhaps spruce things up a bit when you’re done, but in terms of the candle itself, these little DIY tea lights by The Herbal Healing Mama are just about perfect!