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DIY Picture Displays that Don’t Involve Frames

We’re nostalgic people who love hanging photos all over our walls. After a while, though, space becomes crowded and there are only so many picture frames that will fit across your walls. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to stop displaying the pictures you love just because you don’t feel like hanging more frames! Particulatly if you’re a DIY enthusiast, there are plenty of ways to hang pictures even more creatively than you might have thought.

Check out these 15 awesome and stylish DIY ways to display pictures all over your home without any frames!

1. Memory wall collage

Memory wall collage

When you picture your ideal photo display, does it involve as many pictures as you can possibly fit into one cohesive collage? Well, there are plenty of ways to make collages and we used to make them all the time on big poster boards in high school, but if you’re going to make one as actual home décor, you might want a design that’s a little more permanent and actually look like part of your room’s aesthetic. For example, we love the way A Beautiful Mess designed a collage or printed pictures right on their wall, but also drew all the pictures together with cute little sketches and captions to give everything a cohesive theme.

2. Chicken wire mood board

Perhaps your tastes and styles change often so you’re looking for a way to display your photos that you can easily switch up as you take new ones that you like? The try making yourself a cute chicken wire mood board instead of something that features just one specific set of photos more permanently. The Anastasia Co.‘s design lets you clip pictures on and off the wire using miniature clothespins whenever you feel like it! We love that you can even include other little trinkets like cards and mementos rather than just printed photos.

3. Layered embroidery hoop photo hanger

Layered embroidery hoop photo hanger

Perhaps you very much enjoy the idea we just talked about of being able to clip different pictures on and off your display as you please, but you’d rather something free hanging rather than something that just sits against your wall? Then check out how created a rounded hanging photo mobile from embroidery hoops in decreasing sizes.

4. Wood block photo clusters

Wood block photo clusters

If you’ve never done wooden photo transfers before then we certainly think you should give them a try, because you’re missing out on a very fun DIY project that helps you put some of your favourite lasting memories on display. Once you’ve transferred a few, switch your attention to what you can do with them! One Love Photo suggests arranging them on your wall nice, even columns or clusters for a look that really features the images themselves rather than distracting with other big decorative elements.