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15 DIY Sweatshirt Alterations

Even thought the summer sun is still high where we live, and despite the fact that we are total summer lovers who would be happy to spend long days on the beach all year round, the time has finally come for us to start thinking about fall. That’s why we’ve been looking at our sweatshirt collection and thinking about which ones we might like to wear again this year, which one’s we’ll donate, and which ones we might prefer to upcycle by altering and transforming them into new styles! This is something we thoroughly enjoy doing every year because we love using our creative skills to give old clothes a new lease on life, saving ourselves money but still letting ourselves feel like we bought something new. That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled for fantastic DIY hoodie and sweatshirt alteration tutorials for so many months now, bookmarking our favourites to try out later in the year once the hot weather has subsided.

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of altering old sweatshirts as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the best styles, designs, and tutorials we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Off the shoulder fringe sweater

Off the shoulder fringe sweater

Despite the fact that this particular photo shows the style we want to talk about being created on a t-shirt, we’ve actually used these techniques to transform a sweatshirt in the past and been very happy with the results indeed! We love the way E-How Beauty cut the neckline of their shirt wide to create an off the shoulder style at the top, as well as how they cropped the style not just by cutting the bottom half off, but by cutting it into thing, stylish fringe for a little extra appeal! You might also crop your sleeves like you see here or leave them long, which is what we did when we used this tutorial as a guideline.

2. Asymmetrical sweatshirt cardigan

Asymmetrical sweatshirt cardigan

Do you have a plain old crew neck, hard front sweatshirt that you adore the colour of but that you just don’t wear anymore because of the way it fits a little tighter or looser than you’d prefer? Perhaps you’re just over the pullover style of sweater and would prefer something that opens at the front. In either case, we really think you’re going to love the way Dream a Little Bigger created a cardigan style sweater made of sweatshirt material by cutting an asymmetrical line up the front and attaching a couple buttons near the top. You’ve taken that lounge sweater and turned it into something slightly classier that you could wear to work!

3. Cut out and twist sweater yoke

Cut out and twist sweater yoke

Perhaps you actually do have the kind of based sweater we were talking about above and you really would like to open it up and give it a bit more appeal than what you see on it currently, but you’d prefer it to be a little more unique and unlike something you’d find in stores? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how How to Be Perfect made cut-outs around the yoke of their sweatshirt and twisted the strips to refasten them in a way that increases the visual appeal of the plain garment one hundred fold!

4. Bleached dipped spike sweatshirt

Bleached dipped sweatshirt

Are you perhaps looking to turn a very plan garment into something a little more hardcore and edgy looking, but you’ve never actually been one for large reconstructing projects that involve cutting or sewing? Well, all is not lost yet! We’d absolutely suggest checking out how Secondstreet used a dip dying technique but replaced the dye with bleach in order to remove colour from a dark sweater while still getting that awesome faded in colour effect. We’re also totally enamoured by the DIY studs they added all around the collar to add a slightly metallic glint to the look!