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15 DIY Sunroom Decor Projects That Will Liven The Space Up

For those lucky enough to have a sunroom to enjoy, there are a lot of unique ways you can personalize the space. From furniture choices to accents that make it feel more you, why not put some hand touches onto its finished look? Breathe some fresh life into the area with a few new additions. Let’s take a look at 15 DIY sunroom projects that will liven up the space in no time!

1. Wire Basket Table

Make this wire basket side table

This wire basket table adds texture to the space but also a pop of color too. There’s something youthful and vivacious about this innovative design that makes us believe it’s the perfect addition for a sunroom setting. Check it out at The Shabby Creek Cottage.

2. Cinder Block Corner Planter

Cinder block corner planter with each block stenciled a different shade reality daydream 5 2

Having plants in the sunroom is a no brainer. And this cinder block corner planter will give you both personalized style and some greenery for the space. Follow along and learn how to whip up your own corner creation over at Reality Day Dream.

3. Grill Set Holder

Grill set holder diy

Lil Luna made a way that you can keep your grill tools ready to use and organized – but in a way that’s stylish too. This serves as function and stylish – and where else to keep it but accessible in the sunroom, which is most likely around the corner from the grill.

4. Clay Flower Vase

Diy clay flower vase

How charming are these floral vases? Made with clay, visit Little Yellow Wheelbarrow for all the info you need to create these on your own. Then sprinkle around some fresh petals throughout the sunroom!

5. White Picket Fence Wreath

White picket fence sign tutorial

How adorable is this cutie from Creations by Kara? You can use fabrics, faux florals, or fresh ones depending on your vision – but either way it definitely adds a zest of girlish charm to the space.

6. Corner Bench

Diy corner bench and table

This simple corner bench is a great addition to a sunroom or patio space as well. You can use this as a table but also for more seating when you have guest over that you’re entertaining. The tutorial and plans can be found at Remodelaholic.

7. Lampshade Vases

Diy lampshade vase

We’re really swooning over the innovation and finished look of these planters. There’s a cottage vibe and vintage style attached to them that are quite lovely as well. The House That Lars Built Me will show you the ropes.

8. Painted Leaves

How to paint autumn leaves on glass 1 of 2

Here’s another project that will add some spice to the walls. Learn how to paint beautiful, watercolor leaves and turn them into art. Check out Flower Patch Farmhouse for more info.

9. Glass Globe Terrarium

Diy glass globe terrarium

Here’s another way to add natural elements to your sunroom decor. At By Stephanie Lynn, you’ll learn how to make your own glass globe terrarium. You can easily personalize these designs as well – just add what you love to the mix!

10. Wrapped Wheat

Diy colorful wheat

And finally, these colorful wrapped wheat pieces can make the most adorable accents and centerpieces for your sunrooms. Inspired by Charm will show you the easy way to make these happen – and what’s great about this project is even novices can complete it!

11. Macrame Plant Hangers

Diy macrame hangers

If you’re looking for some other ways to add plants to your sunroom, these macrame hangers are right on trend and full of personality. Use them to show off your wildflowers or succulents. Visit Brit + Co.

12. Pom Pom Rug

Diy pom pom rug

You’ll need a throw rug or two out there as well. Why not use a pom pom rug to keep things cozy? It’s a fun, textural way to add personality. Make one will some help from Babble.

13. Door Table

Diy door table

I Should Be Mopping the Floor made this incredible door table that is perfect for your sunroom. If you have more square footage to work with, then you definitely need a space for entertaining in this area – and this piece will definitely do that for you.

14. Wooden Planter

Diy wooden planter

Visit Little Yellow Wheelbarrow just one more time to check out the details of this beauty. This pretty wooden planter is a great way to add some sunshine and texture to the sunroom. Plant herbs or colorful florals!

15. Concrete Paver Side Table

Diy concrete paver side table

When choosing furniture for your sunroom, think about texture. When you’re decorating for “outdoor” purposed (even inside a closed patio or sunroom) texture the key to bringing in some natural energy. This concrete paver side table will do just that. Check out the details at By Brittany Goldwyn.

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