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14 Easy Nail Designs To Try Out This Summer

There’s something about the warmer-weathered months – and vacation on the horizon – that makes us want our digits dressed to perfection. But instead of spending an arm and a leg on mani’s and pedi’s all throughout the June and July, why not learn how to spruce them up yourself? Here are 14 easy nail designs to try out this summer!

1. Peaches

Diy peach summer nails

Pinterest has a plethora of amazing ideas to scroll through and gather inspiration from. When we think summertime though – peach is one of our first thoughts. Why not add some peach bums to your digits?

2. Colorblock

Diy colorblock summer nails

These colorblock nails are easy to recreate at home with a little help from Today Show. Pick some colors that remind you of the season and get to work. This is a great pedicure idea too!

3. Pineapples

Summer pineapple nails diy

Here’s another fruit that you could dip your nails in for the season. Pineapples are a fun summertime fruit and this YouTube video will guide you through this entire design. We especially love that added bit of sparkle!

4. Swirl

Diy summer swirl nails

This swirled design may be our favorite on the list. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you may think to make happen at home. Check it out at Forbes and follow along with the tutorial along with your favorite summertime tones.

5. Red, White, and Blue Glitter Nails

Red white and blue glitter nails