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Summer Bohemian “No Heat” Waves

The best and worst thing about Summer is the scorching heat. It’s the best because I get a chance to hang out at the beach, wear stylish Summer fashions and wear cute hairstyles. But with Summer on the East Coast comes humidity- and some of the best hairstyles get ruined by the harsh weather. I find that the styles holding up the longest are the ones that I style overnight and let loose in the morning. Like this heat-less Bohemian wave hairstyle. The hair products seem to sink into my hair long enough to hold it in the position I want to wear the next day.

Summer bohemian hairstyle

You can do this style with long or medium-length hair. The important thing is to use products that work well with your hair type.  I have long, but slightly coarse hair, so a little bit of oil and gel (without alcohol) is all I need to achieve the style I want.  If you have fine hair, water and a little bit of hairspray should be all you need for this look.

In addition to your favorite hair products, you’ll also need a few bobby pins, or hair ties.  I like to style my hair when it’s wet, and let it dry overnight.

Summer bohemian hairstyle tutorial

To start, split your hair into two sections. Sometimes I split it into more sections, to achieve tighter, bouncier curls. For loose waves, you only need a few section of hair- two or three. Divide your hair and begin to wrap it, or “twist it,” away from your face. As you continue to twist it, it will tighten into a ball.

Easy summer bohemian hairstyle

Continue to wrap it around itself until it becomes a “knot” and secure the ends with a bobby pin, small elastic or hair tie. I find that elastics work the best because they hold the hair in place without small frays sticking out of the ends.

Summer bohemian hairstyle easy

If you want spritz your hair again with water or lightly, with hair spray. Be gentle with the hairspray so your hair doesn’t become extremely hard overnight. Sleep with a wrap or bonnet to keep everything in place if you want.

Summer bohemian hairstyle wave

When you wake up, be careful and let down your locks. Separate the sections lightly with your fingers and you should have beautiful, Summer beach waves! Keep in tact with hairspray if needed throughout the day. As you do this often, your hair will begin to tame itself in the “wave-like” style. Happy styling!

Summer bohemian hairstyle sleep

Summer bohemian hairstyle how to

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