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DIY Lettering Bobby Pins

Bobby pin crafts are always a hole great fun to make and a nice activity to have with your besties. Whether it’s prepping for a party or for a special occasion, making some special gift to a friend, we’ve got you covered as far as message shout out. Nothing shouts louder fun than these DIY lettering bobby pins! And they make a wonderful photo prop for any occasion.. Let your invitees choose the message by combining various pins! Oh, and you won’t believe of what these are made from, so follow along and master this – I’ll be honest – really really easy technique.

Diy lettering bobby pin set 2


  • bobby pins
  • strong gel glue
  • pasta alphabet
  • acrylic paint or nail polish
  • tweezers

Diy lettering bobby pin supplies

1. Start by glueing the letters to the pin. I recommend using pins with both sticks straight, whilst many of the types you find around have wiggly sticks. Also, choose short words, no more than 5 letters. Put the pins on the edge of a sheet so you won’t glue it closed and use tweezers to stick the letters. For the glue, I used a gel one but you can also use the liquid type if you feel more comfortable. The important thing is it must be strong, as letters have a really small surface to glue on.

Diy lettering bobby pin glue

2. Now just paint! If you’re using nail polish, make sure to choose a thick fill coloring one. I wanted a pale pink (see supplies pitch) but apparently it wasn’t coloring enough to cover the black pin. For instance, full white covered perfectly, because it had no transparency in it. Let dry and go ahead with a second layer, maybe taking the pin off the paper and working more on the sides. You mustn’t be able to distinguish from pasta and pins in the end!

Diy lettering bobby pin paint

Very straight forward! You can have fun and use words like “lol”, “party”, “omg”, or  “love”… just have fun! When I tried them on I must admit I had more issues putting on the pin with “party” lettering, as I told you before, because the letters occupy most of the pin and I wasn’t too much able to open it properly for hair pinning.

Look at how “Mr. Lol” keeps perfectly in place my twisted braid.

Diy lettering bobby pin set 3

Diy lettering bobby pin wear

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