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25 Super Stylish Accent Walls You Can Create On Your Own!

Whether it’s at the end of the hallway, in the foyer, in the master bath or in the kitchen, accent walls can really make a space pop and transform it into something special. From prints to colors, let’s take a peek at some design-worthy styles that you can create on your own without the help of a professional.

Check out the 25 DIY accent walls we’ve compiled below and grab some inspiration!

1. Horse-Stencils

Horse Stencil DIY Accent Wall

A Beautiful Mess created something quite offbeat and funky with the help of some custom horse stencils. Just think of all the possibilities that could stem from this idea.

2. Modern Sharpie

DIY Sharpie Wallpaper Tutorial

This geometric printed wall was made by Vintage Revivals. And to create such a look, you’ll learn who to make some sharpie wallpaper!

3. Sweet Print


DIY Show Off shows everyone how to create a sweet, delicate print for your wall to dawn. Adorn the guest bathroom or even your office with something similar.

4. Tree Decal

DIY Tree Decal Accent Wall

Imperfectly Perfect gives us an idea that absolutely anyone could replicate. Something the right coat of paint and the right decal finds can make a huge difference.

5. Black & White Stripes

Black and White Stripe Accent wall diy

Black and white stripes are classic in plenty of ways. It’s a traditional neutral pairing and it’s a timeless print. And thanks to House to Home you can learn how to make it!

6. Rain Pattern

Patterned Wall DIY

Over at A Beautiful Mess we have another patterned wall we fell in love with. It’s easy, it’s chic and really makes difference inside a room.

7. Arrows

Arrow Accent Walls DIY

Zest It Up made one of my favorite designs of the bunch. With this slight arrow design, you’ll have a funkier, trendier space to enjoy.

8. French Wallpaper

DIY Wallpaper Accent Wall

Over at Mom Filter we learn how to get inspired by real (and expensive) wallpaper and learn how to create your own! Her version is seamless!

9. Book Pages

Book Page Accent Wall DIY

Grab all of the old books you can find and replicate this inspiration at home in your bedroom or office! We’re kind of head-over-heels for this idea from Poppytalk!

10. Honeycombs

DIY Hexagon Accent Wall

Vintage Revivals has so many amazing ideas, and this is one of our favorites. Take the weekend and dive into this creative project for your bedroom!

11. Handwriting

Handwritten Wall Accent DIY

A Beautiful Mess created this handwritten piece and not only is in artistic but it’s a great way to make a room pop without too much fluff. I first saw this post when moving into my own home and it inspired me to do a version in our breakfast nook!

12. Geometric Color

Geometric Accent Wall DIY

This pop of color does this room a huge service in remaining neutral but trendy. Check out how it was made over at Lady.

13. Flower Mural

FLower Mural DIY accent wall

Check out this super inspiring accent wall DIY from Mini Penny. This is great for an apartment or even an art room inside the home.

14.  Small Triangles

Triangle Wall

Taped shows us how to really utilize some painter’s tape to create the look you want. Just check out this colorful creation!

15. Trellis

Trellis DIY Accent Wall

All you need here is a stencil to start the job. We love the subtly here and the sophistication. The bit of sparkle is a hit in this project from Stencil Stories.

16. Wooden Chevron

Wood Chevron

We can’t help but gush about this genius – and small – accent wall from Iron & Twine. We love the trendiness of the chevron pattern paired with the coziness of wood!

17. Dalamatian Print

Dalamation Print Accent Wall DIY

Using fabric, you can create an accent wall like that of the 100 Dalmatians! We love the classic black and white pair jazzed up with a nit of funk. Thanks Shelterness!

18. Raindrop Decals

Rain Accent wall DIY

At Young House Love you’ll see how to recreate this whimsical and charming raindrop wall for your little bundle of joy!

19. Diamond Studs

DIamond Stud Accent wAll diy

Check out this gorgeous design from Pride in Photos. Not only is it in the elegant diamond pattern but it’s set off with a stud border!

20. Simple Stripes

Striped Wall Accent DIY

We love simple stripes, especially when they leave a space feeling a bit romantic. Which is exactly what they do in this project from Live Love DIY.

21. Stretched Diamonds

Diamond Accent Wall DIY

The Frugal Homemaker made this stretched and elegant diamond accent wall inside her living room. And we’re in love with this chic style.

22. Weathered Panel

Wood Panel DIY Acent Wall

Check out this wood weathered panel wall from Me and My DIY. It was a great way to offset and create a foundation for this beachy vision.

23. Black Crosses


Cuckoo 4 Design has a chic new idea for your hallway accents. These black crosses are trendy, contemporary and oh so sophisticated.

24. Chalkboard

Chalkboard Accent Wall DIY

This kitchen nook is full of fun and youthful spirits. From college apartments to … the kitchen … chalkboard accent walls can carry so much creativity. Thanks It’s Katie, Darling!

25. Tribal Triangles

DIY Tribal Triangle Wallpaper[3]

Vintage Revivals creates an accent wall full of trendy spirit and versatile style. From offbeat nurseries to a funky bonus area, this works!

  1. Love all the ideas!! Thanks for the love!! We have done a few fun walls over on the blog after the arrow wall- currently working on an ombre sun burst you will have to check out!! xoxo zestitup.com

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