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Delicious Recipes for Strawberry Lovers

If strawberry is your absolutely favourite fruit and flavour then you’re in luck, because it’s a super easy ingredient to incorporate into all kinds of delicious recipes! You’ll be surprised at how many different meals and treats you can use them to add a touch of fruity freshness to.Check out these delicious strawberry recipes that will get you excited for dinner!

1. Strawberry mango salsa

Strawberry mango salsa

Salsa doesn’t have to be tart! Add a sweet little twist to the classic snack by using mangoes and- you guessed it- strawberries.(Source: Damn Delicious)

2. Strawberry mascarpone yogurt pie

Strawberry mascarpone yogurt pie

This recipe makes regular strawberry pie seem almost plain in comparison. So many delicious flavours together in one place!(Source: Dessert for Two)

3. Strawberry balsamic chicken

Strawberry balsamic chicken

Fresh strawberries are a perfect way to balance savory tastes in ways you might not have thought of. They taste positively wonderful, for example, with chicken and balsamic dressing!(Source: Gimme Some Oven)

4. Strawberry meringue

Strawberry meringue

These delicious puffy treats are almost too cute to eat! You should overcome that, though, because they taste even better than they look!(Source: Baker’s Royale)

5. Strawberry cinnamon rolls with lemon cream cheese glaze

Strawberry cinnamon rolls with lemon cream cheese glaze

This fresh alternative to classic cinnamon rolls is perfect for summer mornings when it’s sunny out and you feel like having something a little lighter!(Source: The Recipe Critic)

6. Strawberry pizza with chicken, sweet onion, and applewood smoked bacon

Strawberry pizza with chicken, sweet onion, and applewood smoked bacon

This pizza recipe includes almost every flavour under the sun! The fresh sweetness of strawberries here balances out the heavier tastes of smoky bacon and onions in each delicious bite.(Source: Seeded at the Table)

7. Strawberry, lime, cucumber, and mint water

Strawberry, lime, cucumber, and mint water

Including strawberries in your infused water concoction adds an extra shot of fresh flavour that other healthy ingredients like cucumber and lemon just don’t have!(Source: Back to Her Roots)

8. Strawberry chocolate chip muffins

Strawberry chocolate chip muffins

This recipe basically takes the delicious concept of chocolate covered strawberries (and who doesn’t love those?) and turns them into a mouthwatering baked good!(Source: Averie Cooks)

9. Grilled blackberry, strawberry, basil, and brie pizza crisps

Grilled blackberry, strawberry, basil, and brie pizza crisps

As if the concept of “pizza chips” isn’t already appealing, these particular ones have sweet, salty, savory, and tart flavours on every single one. The best part? Strawberries, of course!(Source: Half Baked Harvest)

10. Strawberry chocolate Nutella cake

Strawberry chocolate nutella cake

This is basically the ultimate chocolate cake. The strawberry and hazelnut flavours will set your mouth watering before you’ve even taken your first bite.(Source: The Pioneer Woman)

11. Strawberry sauce

Strawberry sauce

If you’ve browsed all of these recipes and you still can’t get enough, why not make yourself a big batch of this delicious strawberry sauce and put it on absolutely everything?(Source: Baked by Rachel)

12. Whipped strawberry butter

Whipped strawberry butter

This whipped butter is the perfect creamy sweetness to amp up the strawberry flavour on any baked good at all. Now, even if something isn’t strawberry flavoured, you can fix that!(Source: The Pretty Bee)

13. Strawberry bruschetta grilled cheese

Strawberry bruschetta grilled cheese

You read that right: strawberries and melted cheese. What more do we need to say?(Source: Foodie Crush)

14. Strawberries and cream pancakes

Strawberries and cream pancakes

We all know that pancakes are delicious. We all know that pancakes and strawberries are delicious. What happens when you add cream to that though? Strawberry breakfast heaven, that’s what!(Source: House of Yumm)

15. Strawberry cheesecake mousse

Strawberry cheesecake mousse

Between the delicious graham cracker crumbs in the bottom and the rich strawberry mousse, your mouth will be in heaven with each fluffy bite.(Source: I Heart Nap Time)

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