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Springtime Food and Drink Recipes That Actually Involve Edible Flowers

We’ve all heard poems and sayings about spring flowers and we’ve all seen how beautifully the flowers in our gardens bloom when spring starts. Springtime is a great opportunity to try new seasonal cooking, baking, and drink making while you enjoy those flowers! In fact, did you know that there are some flowers you can actually eat? What could possibly get you more into the mood for spring than turning pretty flowers into beautiful food and drinks?

Check out these delicious spring recipes that are just as fragrant and beautiful as they are yummy!

1. Edible flower cupcakes

Edible flower cupcakes

These cupcakes feature edible flowers nestled in the icing, and they’re also made with flower infused simple syrup!(Source: Tribeca Yummy Yummy)

2. Edible flower spring salad with dandelion greens

Edible flower spring salad with dandelion greens

If you’re the kind of person who tries to eat healthy in the spring so you can look your best in the summer, a wisteria salad is the perfect recipe for you!(Source: The Simple Veganista)

3. Fried squash blossoms filled with herbed goat cheese

Fried squash blossoms fillled with herbed goat cheese

Enjoy these delicious bundles of sweetness and herb flavour while they’re warm and soft!(Source: Thyme Food Blog)

4. Spring bouquet popsicles

Spring bouqurt popsicles

Add whichever organic edible flowers you like best to your favourite popsicle recipe for a little extra taste. These ones are lemonade cucumber flavoured!(Source: Marla Meredith)

5. Scallops with orange and ginger

Scallops with orange and ginger

Garnishing delicious seafood recipes with fresh edible blossoms takes both flavour and presentation to the next level.(Source: Karine Moniqui)

6. Sugared flower cake

Sugared flower cake

The sweet violets make the perfect cake toppers (and they’re also delicious on their own)!(Source: Marzipan)

7. Zucchini blossom fritters

Zucchini blossom fritters

Zucchini blossoms are best grown in your own garden, but your local farmers’ market will have them too, and their taste is worth going out of your way for!(Source: The Parsley Thief)

8. Edible flower ice cubes

Flower ice cubes

Edible flowers add colour and flavour to every drink you put them in!(Source: Garden Therapy)

9. Asparagus, goat cheese, and flowers with orange vinaigrette

Asparagus, goat cheese, and flowers with orange vinaigrette

Try cooking this recipe using calendula, borage, or sage blossoms!(Source: The Taste Revelation)

10. Espresso, white chocolate, and rose cake

Espresso, white chocolate, and rose cake

Sugared rose petals are the perfect sweet garnish on top of this delicious cake, and they’re decorative too!(Source: Poires au Chocolat)

11. Chive flower and cucumber salad

Chive flower and cucumber salad

What could possibly be more fresh tasting for summer than light, clean cucumber salad featuring little chive flowers?(Source: Soup Addict)

12. Lavender honey grilled chicken

Lavender honey grilled chicken

Between the honey and the fragrant lavender, you’re in for a sweet flavour that contrasts well with the herbs on top.(Source: 2 Stews)

13. Spring flower lollipops

Spring flower lollipops

Pick your favourite flower and follow the sweet lollipop recipe. Try using pansies, roses, violets, lavender, or hibiscus!(Source: Spring Bakes)

14. Strawberry hibiscus tea lemonade

Strawberry hibiscus tea lemonade

Strawberries and hibiscus flowers make for a unique, sweet taste that’s fruity enough for spring and summer.(Source: Full Fork Ahead)

15. Blueberry lavender shortcake cookies

Blueberry lavender shortcake cookies

As if blueberry cookies don’t sound delicious enough, the lavender in these ones makes them especially unique and flavourful.(Source: Pink Parsley)

Have you tried other edible flower recipes that you don’t see here? Tell us about them in the comments section!

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