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15 Comforting Soups for Cold Fall Days

If you ask us, there is literally nothing better in the whole world than a delicious, hot bowl of soup on a chilly fall day! Okay, maybe we’re being a little bit dramatic, but seriously, it’s one of our favourite things about the entire season. Going out to a restaurant and treating yourself to a meal is nice sometimes, but few things compare to the satisfaction of sitting down with a warm bowl of soup that you made yourself.

Check out these 15 mouthwatering fall soup recipes that will help keep you warm, healthy, and full all autumn long!

1. Kimchi and vegetable soup

Kimchi and vegetable soup

If you like just a touch of spice followed by a whole lot of flavour, then you’re probably already a big fan of Korean kimchi. Even if you’re not, we’d still suggest trying this soup, because it’s just that good. Bon Appetit suggests adding a whole host of delicious fall vegetables and topping the recipe off with some rice noodles.

2. Slow cooker chicken tortilla soup

Slow cooker chicken tortilla soup

Are your favourite recipes the kind that you can set to cooking in the slow cooker in the morning and leave to simmer throughout the whole day? We love those too, so of course we had to put at least one on our list! This awesome chicken tortilla soup from Country Living is an easy crowd pleaser that will fill your whole house with the kind of dinner smell that makes your tummy grumble.

3. Southwestern butternut squash soup

Southwestern butternut squash soup

Butternut squash soup of any kind is a-okay with us, but we were particularly intrigued when we saw this southwestern recipe from The Kitchn. What’s better than getting your daily helping of vegetables in the same place as your daily helping of delicious flavour? It’s a little creamy, a little spicy, and a whole lot of delicious.

4. Tuscan peasant soup with rosemary and pancetta

Tuscan peasant soup with rosemary and pancetta

Fine Cooking guides you through the process of making a restaurant classic that we’ve often dreamed about enjoying at home. “Peasant” soup will remind you of delicious wintertime chicken noodle soup, but packed with even more veggies and taste. We love the way they’ve added rosemary and pancetta for a little extra something.

5. Roasted pumpkin soup

Roasted pumpkin soup

When we said “creamy soup” above, did your stomach start grumbling right away? Ours sure did. Creamy vegetable soup are some of our very favourites any time of year, but especially for the fall season, and what better flavour for an autumn treat than pumpkins? We love the way Chowhound topped this roasted pumpkin soup recipe with big crunchy croutons and and bacon crumbles.

6. Pumpkin chipotle soup

Pumpkin chipotle soup

Does the recipe above amost hit the spot for you, but there’s just a hint of taste missing? Then perhaps you’d be more interested in this chipotle version from All Recipes! It’s a great alternative that’ll give you a little kick of spice (or a lot, if you choose) and the idea of topping it with big chunks of avocado is almost too delicious for us to handle.

7. Chickpea and pasta soup

Chickpea and pasta soup

Maybe you like soups that are a little more hearty and filling than the average vegetable cream? Then Saveur has the perfect combination of carbs and legumes for you! This recipe combines pureed chickpeas with shell shaped pasta noodles for a meal that’s filling but still quite health conscious on top of being full of flavour.

8. Sausage and sauerkraut stew with duck fat dumplings

Sausage and sauerkraut stew with duck fat dumplings

Speaking of recipes that are filling; if anyone knows how to do hearty recipes, it’s the Germans! This classic dumpling recipe from Serious Eats is so packed full of goodness between the sausage and the duck fat dumplings that it borderlines on more of a stew. We’re not even a little bit upset about that.

9. Simple autumn vegetable soup

Simple autumn vegetable soup

Are you intrigued by all these other recipes but what you really want is just a classic, hearty vegetable soup that’s full of vitamins and flavour all at once? Those kinds of recipes are pretty easy to come by, but there are always a few that stand out above the rest. This one by Fine Cooking, which was actually and proven true by none other than ourselves, is certainly one of the good ones.

10. Ramen chicken noodle soup

Ramen chicken noodle soup

Maybe you’re on a budget that doesn’t allow you to make homemade soup from scratch very often, but you’re just got that craving? Perhaps instant noodles just hold a special place in your heart (and your stomach)? Well, Delish is here to show you how to cheat your way to a “classic” chicken noodle soup using Ramen noodles as a base that you’ll simply add everything else to!

11. Portobello onion soup

Portobello onion soup

You’ve probably had French onion soup (and you’ve probably loved it), but we’re pretty big fans of taking common recipes and shaking them up a little. Reader’s Digest Food shows you how to do that by adding portobello mushrooms to the mix! Don’t worry, the best part of the French onion soup recipe isn’t lost; this recipe still features a delicious chunk of bread smothered with melted cheese floating in the middle.

12. Turkey and corn chowder

Turkey and corn chowder

Are chowders your absolute favourite kind of soup recipe? We don’t blame you! They’re the perfect combination of cream soups and hearty vegetable soups all splashed into one put. Ellie Bean Design shows you how to get that satisfying chowder taste without totally setting the health factor aside by making this turkey and corn recipe.

13. Creamy tomato and roasted basil soup

Creamy tomato and roasted basil soup

Everyone’s tried tomato soup and we’re no strangers to the simple stuff from a can. In fact, we love it and eat it all the time. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to make yourself a slightly more gourmet version of your favourite easy meal. Spoon Fork Bacon shows you how to make a homemade tomato soup recipe that will make your mouth water even before you add the roasted basil or feta cheese topping.

14. Creamy cauliflower cheddar soup

Creamy cauliflower cheddar soup

Maybe you’re on the verge of getting a fall cold and you know you need vegetables, but you’re also in need to some creamy, delicious comfort? Then cauliflower with cheese is the perfect option for you! Sore throats don’t always allow for whole vegetables, though, even when they’re smothered in cheese sauce, so check out this amazing pureed soup recipe from Bellyfull instead!

15. Curried lentil soup

Curried lentil soup

Few things are quite as filling as lentil soup, or quite as flavourful. Even so, there are always ways to make even the most delicious recipes even more interesting for your taste buds! Fine Cooking suggests amping up your favourite lentil soup recipe by adding some curry for a little extra kick! Mouthwatering spice is sure one way to ward off germs in chilly weather.

Do you have another favourite fall soup recipe that you make every year but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about how to make it in the comments section!

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