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15 Slow Cooker Pasta Recipes To Love, Enjoy & Whip Up For the Fam

Everyone loves a good crockpot recipe because of the ease! You literally just throw the ingredients in and let it go. And that’s no exception with these delicious slow cooker pasta recipes that you’ll be loving, enjoying, and easily whipping up for the fam. Take notes of your favorites below and have a stress-free time providing delicious meals for everyone in the house.

1. Beef & Cheese

Slow cooker beef cheese pasta

Here’s a classic, beef and cheese creation from The Cooking Jar that we’re positive the entire family will gobble right up. It’s a super simple recipe and it’s got a hearty, Italian influence that makes it extra indulgent. Serve it up with a salad for a complete weeknight meal.

2. Easy Taco

Slow cooker taco pasta

How does taco pasta sound to you? It sounds delicious to us and we’re thanking Kristine’s Kitchen for offering up all the details behind every yummy bite. This pasta has everything you love about a taco, piled high in satisfying pasta form.

3. Chicken Bolognese

Slow cooker chicken bolognese pasta

Eat well 101 went with a chicken bolognese that you’ll be running to the kitchen for as well. It’s a twist on a classic recipe that so many of us already like and it’s so easy to whip up for dinner with the family. Add Cesar salad and voila! Dinner is ready!

4. Baked Ziti

Slow cooker baked pasta

Baked ziti doesn’t have to go in the oven. Instead, a slow cooker works out rather nicely. If you want to know how to turn this puppy around in time for dinner tonight check out and follow along with all the directions that A Mind “Full” Mom is spilling.

5. Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo chicken pasta

Mandy’s Recipe Box went with a super trendy bite and that’s of buffalo chicken. This pasta has a kick, the kids will love it, and you’ll want to have it every night of the week. If you’re into dishes that are a bit spicier, then this is the one to try.

6. Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

Healthier slow cooker spaghetti and meat sauce www thereciperebel com 5 of 11

If you’re on the hunt for a more classic recipe then you’ll want to experience this spaghetti and meat sauce dish from The Recipe Rebel. Topped with cheese and served up with a side of broccolini, it’s a dinner idea that will not only leave delicious leftovers but no one will leave the table hungry.

7. Chicken Parm

Slow cooker chicken parmesan pasta 2

Damn Delicious took chicken parmesan to the next level with this little slice of heaven. Grab your slow cooker and get to work on this concoction. You’ll never want to bake yours again when you can easily just throw the ingredients in the pot and go.

8. Alfredo Pasta w/ Broccoli

Easy creamy crockpot chicken alfredo pasta and broccoli

There’s chicken in there too but you can sans that and leave it for the vegetarians if you’d like. It’s creamy and filled with veggies that everyone will eat, Chelsea’s Messy Apron has a masterpiece of a dish under her belt with this recipe. Hop on over now and check out the details.

9. Chicken Spaghetti

Slow cooker chicken spaghetti recipe

iFOODreal went with a new favorite on the Pinterest boards and that’s chicken spaghetti. Instead of beef, we’re heading to the hen house for our pasta tonight. It’s a fun spin that everyone will want to taste test, trust us!

10. Enchilada Orzo

Slow cooker chicken enchilada orzo

Damn Delicious went Mexican with their flavor inspiration. Grab a box of orzo and get started on this flavorful treat. It’s packed with fresh ingredients that won’t leave you feeling guilty after dinner. Just top it off with some sour cream on top!

11. Mac & Cheese

Slow cooker macaroni and cheese

Of course you could always go with a classic mac and cheese recipe for your crockpot as well. Whether you want it as a side or as a  main course The Recipe Critic will help you get there. You could always add some broccoli for a bit of a veg upgrade too.

12. Pasta Fagioli

Slow cooker pasta fagioli

So, this isn’t a classic “pasta” dish because it’s actually a soup, but we’re loving the recipe anyway. Check out all the details over at Table for Two. And then warm the dining room table with a bowl full of this deliciousness after a tough day at school and at work.

13. Lasagna

Crock pot low carb lasagna

Yes, you can even make some lasagna in the crockpot. For the full recipe and direction just follow along with our friends over at Well Plated. A salad or some broccolini would make the perfect side, and you’ll love yourself for the leftovers for lunch the next day.

14. Whole Chicken

Slow cooker whole chicken pasta

This whole chicken and pasta dinner idea from iFOODreal had us absolutely drooling and we cannot wait to try it out on our own. It’s a family-friendly meal that will satisfy and you can tweak and personalize it to your liking. Hop on over now and check out all of the details.

15. Pizza

Crock pot pizza pasta casserole

And finally, a bit of pizza pasta can go a long way, especially in the crockpot. Add all your favorite pizza toppings to this pasta dish. All you have to do is grab your slow cooker and visit The Spruce for all the delicious details.

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