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These 15 Slider Recipes Are Perfect For Game Night

Make the weekend with the family or the pals that much better – and more delicious – with bite-sized sandwiches that everyone will enjoy. From chicken-inspired to beef, there’s a host of fun ways to make these mini dishes pack a punch full of flavor and ease. These 15 slider recipes are perfect for game night. Dive on in now and take a peek at the recipes.

1. Bourbon BBQ with Coleslaw

Bourbon bbq burger

Diverse Dinners brings us a BBQ bourbon burger topped with coleslaw and we’re drooling. These cuties are perfect for sprucing up game night. Serve with an easy side of homemade chips or crispy French fries. And make sure you toast those buns a bit too.

2. Beer Battered Buffalo Shrimp

Beer battered buffalo shrimp sliders recipe at tidymom net

Do we have any shrimp lovers out there? If you want a fun spin on a classic slider, then check out these buffalo shrimp beauties we found over at TidyMom. Full of flavor and easier than you may think to create, the boys won’t know what hit them when you serve these up for the game.

3. Chili Cheese

Chili cheese sliders recipe

Lisa G Cooks went with a classic that no one will be able to pass up. Serve up some chili cheese sliders for the family to enjoy. Make it lighter with a salad on the side or some broccoli and cheese tots. They’re a little messy but oh so satisfying.

4. Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville hot chicken sliders

Nashville hot chicken is so trendy right now in the food world. So why not jump on the wagon and whip some up for your family to try? Check out the recipe over at My Modern Cookery. And don’t nix the pickles, they’re a necessary part of that sandwich.

5. Philly Cheesesteak

Philly cheesesteak sliders recipe

How do some mini Philly cheesesteaks sound? With out without the peppers and onions, these sliders will definitely satisfy. Cooking For Keeps has all the know-how behind the sandwiches. But keep in mind that you can use cheese whiz too if you really want to make them traditional.

6. Reuben

Reuben sliders recipe

Land O’Lakes made some tiny Reubens and we think they look rather delicious as well. They’re easy to make and they’re really a great addition to the Super Bowl table. Mustard and mayo on the side and homemade chips will round them out quite nicely.

7. Meatball

Meatball sliders from the crockpot

Chelsea’s Messy Apron cooked up some meatballs in the slow cooker and then turned them into sliders! We love this idea – because anything in a crockpot is both delicious and easy. Just don’t forget to add some extra sauce and cheese to the finish sandwich.

8. Pork with Grilled Pineapple

Pork sliders with grilled pineapple sliders

How does pork and grilled pineapple sound to you? It’s a classic combination and a really satisfying bite as well. The recipe and know-how can all be found over at Salt & Lavender if you’d like to give it a try.

9. Fish & Rocket Sauce

Fish sliders recipe

Cast Iron Cookie has a fish dish for us to try as well. These breaded fish sliders look absolutely delicious but the key ingredient here is the “rocket sauce.” Grab the details behind this creation after the jump and let us know how the family took to them.

10. Grilled Veggies with Goat Cheese & Red Pepper Vinaigrette

Veggie sliders with goat cheese

If you want a veggie-based option on the menu than this bite from How Sweet Eats is right up your alley. A mess of grilled veggies and goat cheese round out the bun. Don’t let it fool you though, it’s full of flavor.

11. Taco

Taco sliders recipe

Everyone loves the delicious flavors of a taco and that’s what these sliders have in store for all of us. Serve these up with some fresh guac and tortilla chips! But first, visit Sugar & Soul to learn how to whip these up.

12. Ham & Cheese

Ham and cheese sliders recipe

Averie Cooks has the perfect recipe for these ham and cheese sliders. And these are the sliders that everyone is so addicted too. That poppyseed topping and that sweet ham and swiss is the most perfect of combinations. Drop everything now and go to the kitchen to make these puppies.

13. Cranberry Asiago Turkey

Cranberry asiago turkey sliders

If you’re in the mood for some Thanksgiving-inspired flavors then this bite from Will Cook For Smiles will surely satisfy. A bit of turkey, some cranberry, and don’t forget the cheese – it’s a delicious way to celebrate the big game. You could even serve up a side of classic mashed potatoes with this one.

14. Beer & Bourbon BBQ Chicken

Beer and bourbon barbecue chicken sliders

Here’s another bourbon-infused slider recipe that we’re drooling over. But this time it’s with the most tender of chicken. Check out the recipe over at Averie Cooks and don’t forget to lightly toast the buns here either.

15. Pulled Pork Sliders with Garlic Aioli

Barbecue pork sliders with garlic aioli

Stuck on Sweet finishes off this delicious list with these pulled pork sliders. In need of a side of coleslaw, this really is one of the most perfect game night dishes for the entire family. Light or heavy on the sauce, everyone will be satisfied.

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