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15 Different Ways To Use A Blank Notebook

It seems like we all have that small stash of notebooks that we don’t know what to do with. Big or small, it’s easy to scoop up and buy all of those adorable designs we see in the stores. But instead of just hoarding them, what can we do with this? Well, below, you’ll find 15 different ways to transform that hidden pile into something useful!

1. Dream Diary

Dream log diy idea

Turn that blank notebook into a dream tracker. When you wake up, jot down what you’ve just experienced with your eyes closed. Then, you’ll be able to look up the meaning and track what’s going on when the lights go out. It’s a great way to keep up with any changes to your sleep patterns as well. Check out more ways to create one over at Tiny Ray of Sunshine.

2. Doodle Book

Blank notebook into a doodle book

It’s a great stress reliever and also good practice for artists as well. Keeping a small blank notebook nearby is always handy. Whether you’re waiting for an appointment or looking for buy some time before lunch, just grab your doodle book and stretch your creativity a bit. We see a great example of some doodle with this inspiration from The Well Appointed Desk.

3. Daily Planner

Diy daily planner

Instead of buying a brand new one, just turn that blank notebook into your daily planner. Keep up with your school or work schedule, assignments, appointments, the kids’ practices and more inside. You can have a lot of fun personalizing it as well, just like Coffee and Pretty Paper did.

4. Bullet Journal

How to start a bullet journal

Bullet journals are really popular right now, so taking that extra notebook and turning that into one of these new pieces is perfect! And there are so, so many different ways to utilize. Just take a peek at this YouTube video to learn how to begin one!

5. Goal Tracker

Goal tracker notebook idea

You can even turn that blank space into something more inspiring. Keep track of your goals and the steps you need to take to get there. Each of the pages will be unique to you and your journey. Just look at this page we found on Pinterest for inspiration!

6. Meal Planner

Diy food planner

Track your food and meals inside! Get started on a healthier lifestyle, plan your meals for the week, and your grocery list with this book. You can even track your daily water intake and make sure you’re getting enough! Grab some ideas over at Live Craft Eat.

7. Memory Book

Memory journal idea

Whether it’s for your child, partner, entire family, or yourself, keeping warm and fun memories safe is just another great way to utilize those blank notebooks. Overtime something is said or happens in your life worth remembering, jot it down! You can even use this “one line a day” idea from Jenni Bick as your inspiration.

8. Love Letter Holder

Love letter journal

Scout Books gave us a great idea for a letter writing journal. Grab your love and write letters back to each other. Each time you pick it up, you’ll have a new something special to read and then write for your sweetie.

9. Spiritual Journal

Keeping a spiritual journal

Get more in tune with your spiritual side by keeping a journal with that in mind. Healthy Spirituality will help you out on how to get it all started. Use it to keep up with meditations or your favorite prayers, verses, or whatever else that makes you feel more connected in your faith.

10. Gratitude Log

Gratitude journal idea

Not on the High Street has this gratitude journal featured and it got our wheels turning. You could create your very own with some of those blank notebooks you have stacked in the corner. Each day take a moment and write down something you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised how this will keep your heart in check.

11. Entertainment Tracker

Books to read and movies to watch journal

Write down everything you want to try and keep up with what you want to go see, record on the TV, and more! You can even keep your “To-Read Book List” inside so you don’t forget about all the reads you want to hit. These pages from Pinterest will give you a good idea on how to create something personalized.

12. Positive Affirmation Book

Positive affirmation journal

Give yourself the kick in your pants you need by keeping a book full of positive affirmations and quotes for yourself. Everyday you can read them and add new ones. Check out this journal we found over on Pinterest, which is just a small example of what you can keep for yourself.

13. Calligraphy Practice

Calligraphy journal idea

Pinterest had us brainstorming other ideas as well, like with this calligraphy page. You could practice your writings inside. Use your blank notebook to fine tune your own handwriting. It’s a great way to hook on to a personal creative outlet.

14. Gardening Journal

Garden journal ideas

Are you starting a gardening journey at home? Well, keep track of the progress and experience inside a notebook! You can plot your plants and monitor their nutrition as well. You can see how it’s done at Landscapes by Tom.

15. Event Planner

Event planning journal ideas

Whether it’s Christmas for the family or a wedding, you can turn your notebook into an event planner’s paradise. Keep lists, to-do’s, and dates on lockdown. Bullet Journal has a lot of ideas surroundings this realm as well.

  1. I want ideas for notebook paper and I love DIY’s, Youtube, I want to write books, and I love my friends, anything that I can do with a notebook?

    • you could use it as a storyboard using a collage of other things and pictures. Or a collage of memories with friends and family. Share a story through pictures of your friends and family and all the fun times.

    • Well, if you are interested in being a writer, you should label a journal as your creative prompt journal. Search up prompts and questions online or make your own, and answer them or write about them the most creative way you can into the journal! It will really help your writing skills and creativity! 😁

  2. hi these are useless… I’m kidding, they didn’t help me out though. I recommend it to all of tose writers.

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