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15 Different Ways To Use A Blank Notebook

It seems like we all have that small stash of notebooks that we don’t know what to do with. Big or small, it’s easy to scoop up and buy all of those adorable designs we see in the stores. But instead of just hoarding them, what can we do with this? Well, below, you’ll find 15 different ways to transform that hidden pile into something useful!

1. Dream Diary

Dream log diy idea

Turn that blank notebook into a dream tracker. When you wake up, jot down what you’ve just experienced with your eyes closed. Then, you’ll be able to look up the meaning and track what’s going on when the lights go out. It’s a great way to keep up with any changes to your sleep patterns as well. Check out more ways to create one over at Tiny Ray of Sunshine.

2. Doodle Book

Blank notebook into a doodle book

It’s a great stress reliever and also good practice for artists as well. Keeping a small blank notebook nearby is always handy. Whether you’re waiting for an appointment or looking for buy some time before lunch, just grab your doodle book and stretch your creativity a bit. We see a great example of some doodle with this inspiration from The Well Appointed Desk.

3. Daily Planner

Diy daily planner

Instead of buying a brand new one, just turn that blank notebook into your daily planner. Keep up with your school or work schedule, assignments, appointments, the kids’ practices and more inside. You can have a lot of fun personalizing it as well, just like Coffee and Pretty Paper did.

4. Bullet Journal

How to start a bullet journal

Bullet journals are really popular right now, so taking that extra notebook and turning that into one of these new pieces is perfect! And there are so, so many different ways to utilize. Just take a peek at this YouTube video to learn how to begin one!

5. Goal Tracker

Goal tracker notebook idea