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15 Beautiful Lace Decoupage Projects

When it comes to decoupage, we often forget how many different kinds of decoupage there really are! We tend to get distracted by the classic paper and diluted glue technique because that was the first kind we tried when we learned how to decoupage, but you can actually make crafts using the same techniques but other materials swapped out for paper too! For example, we’ve also tried decoupage with different fabrics of all kinds and even flowers and petals. So, what’s our very favourite thing to create decoupage projects with, you ask? We’ve actually become completely obsessed with lace decoupage!

Just in case you love getting creative with classic techniques as much as we do and want to try some new things when it comes to decoupage, here are 15 fantastic lace decoupage techniques that will help you shake things up in an absolutely stunning and often almost vintage looking way.

1. Lace trinket box with a sheet music lining

Lace trinket box with a sheet music lining

Are you actually quite attached to the idea of paper decoupage because you love the way it looks and, even though you absolutely want to try your hand at doing it with lace, you’d prefer a project that lets you do both? In that case, this wonderfully adorable little trinket box is the perfect idea for you! We love the way The Feathered Nest lined the inside with old sheet music and embellished the outside with an intricate looking lace trim, both using decoupage.

2. Lace and fabric jewelry box

Lace and fabric jewlery box

Are you very into the idea of making a combination decoupage project but rather than paper you’d prefer to stick with fabrics? Then why not choose a material that looks equally vintage inspired to your pretty lace? We love the way Svijet Krozmojeoci embellished a jewelry box to feature a pretty floral fabric on top with a lovely lace trim all around the edge.

3. Lace trimmed glass jar

Lace trimmed glass jar

Have you always loved the idea of upcycling simple clear glass jars because they’re so useful for storing small things like craft supplies and bathroom necessities, but you’d rather use DIY embellished ones so they look a little fancier than the would just plain? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how Modpodge Rocks used strips of lace and simple decoupage techniques to fancy their glass jars up a little.

4. Shabby chic lace decoupage bangle

Shabby chic lace decoupage bangle

Have you always love the idea of chunky bangles and soft bracelets because you find that they give you a softer style and also make less noise? Well, lace decoupage can be your best friend for making your own fabric bangles too! We love the way Etcetorize started out by covering old bangles in fabric using decoupage techniques and then repeated the process again on top to add a pretty lace layer all around the outside.