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15 Simple Quilting Projects for Beginners

When we were little, our grandma taught us how to sew. The moment we’d caught on and learned how to sew a nice, straight line and create a neat, even seam, she guided us immediately through the process of advancing those basic sewing skills we’d learned into quilting! We’re pleased and proud to report that we’ve been quilting for many years now and have mastered several advanced techniques in order to create some really beautiful, intricate looking pieces, but every once in a while we like to go back to the basics and make sure we can still do the simple stuff. Now that we have crafty kids of our own, we’re very happy that we kept brushed up on the easiest steps and collected beginner patterns long after we’d advanced past that point, because it means we’re well equipped for teaching our kids how to quilt all these years later!

Just in case you or your little ones are as interested in putting your basic sewing skills to use in a simple quilting project as we were once upon a time or as our own kids are now, if not more, here are 15 of the best simple beginner quilting projects that we’ve discovered over the years.

1. Fast four-patch quilt

Fast four patch quilt

The beauty of a simple squared patched quilt is that your colour scheme and pattern organization is much simpler to remember than it is if you add more squares to the repeat or more combinations within each square. That’s why we love this simple four-patch quilt outlined step by step on Diary of A Quilter so much! They show you how to alternate a base contrast with a four-patch combination repeatedly until you’ve got a whole blanket. They even guide you through the simple next step of alternating your pattern scheme within your four-patch square, just to keep things interesting! We like their explanation of using the constant contrast colour in the larger square as an anchor or guideline.

2. Basic t-shirt quilt

Basic t shirt quilt

Are you actually a huge fan of upcycling to the point that you’ll take just about any opportunity you can find to turn basically any craft you try into a chance for repurposing old things? In that case, we’re all but convinced that you’ll get a huge kick out of the way Totally Stitchin’ used old t-shirts covered in team names and logos to create a very simply patched together quilt that will let whoever you give the piece to wrap themselves in memories.

3. Big and little squares quilt

Big and little squares quilt

Are you very into the idea of making a square based quilt because you’ve always loved that sort of grid shaped finished product, particularly if you’re working with adorably patterned fabrics that you really like, but you’re just not sure you’re ready for things like repeating patterns and four-square combinations? Well, that doesn’t have to mean that you’re limited to solely rows of plain, equally sized squares! Check out how Samelia’s Mum alternated between full squares and squares that feature a smaller contrast square in the centre, just for a bit of extra contrast and visual appeal.

4. Beginner’s arrowhead pattern

Beginner's arrowhead pattern

Are you actually browsing through the options and thinking about how you might be feeling ready to tackle a different shape, rather than just working with equally sides squares this time around? Well, we think you’ll be pleased to know that there are actually plenty of ways for you to make fantastic quilts from alternative shapes without taking on a project that’s too challenging for a beginner. We’d suggest taking a look at this beautiful patterned beginner’s arrowhead design on a white background, as outlined on Craftsy!