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These 25 DIY Shutter Projects Will Ignite Your Rustic Style

In the bedroom or in the kitchen, shutters don’t only go outside on the windows. With a bit of creativity and some handiwork, you’ll be able to take some older pieces and make them new again! These 25 DIY shutter projects will ignite your rustic style and have you giddy with possibilities.

1. Focus Piece

Diy shutters wall art

Southern Hospitality starts us off with this beautiful forcus piece that can be used in the foyer, dining room or even in the living room. Just color the shutters in a shade you love.

2. Mail Holder

Diy shutter mail holder

Samantha Elizabeth took one shutter and cleaned up the counters. Store you mail in an easier way now!

3. Plate Rack

Old window shutters hanging mug

Open shelving can be a lot of fun. Use a shutter to display and store them. Just visit Laurie Anna’s for the details.

4. Side Tables

Diy side table made from shutters

Good Housekeeping created a side table completely our of shutters! Check out the tutorial after the jump.

5. Bench

Diy shutter bench