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Shopping Guide: 25 Lunch Boxes For Adults

If you have a day job, then you know what a struggle it can be to find delicious, healthy lunch options. Local restaurants are most likely expensive and less than healthy, so why not bring your lunch? Simply make extra dinner the night before and put the leftovers in one of these 25 fantastic lunch boxes perfect for busy adults.

1. Pack It Personal Cooler

3 personal cooler lunch boz

This genius little lunch bag has a special gel in the lining which freezes when you put it in the freezer and keeps your food cold for up to ten hours. And it can be folded up compactly until you’re ready to use it. Head over to The Container Store to buy one. $19.99

2. Stanley Classic Lunch Box

5 stanley classic cooler

This classic green lunch box has a retro feel to it, with its metal closures and an old-school shape. The hard exterior also has the added benefit of preventing your sandwich from getting crushed. Head over to Walmart.com to pick up your very own Stanley lunch box. $31.76

3. Striped Lunch Bags

1 striped adult lunch bag

If subtlety is your goal, then these might be the lunch bags for you. This striped fabric bag has the look of a small purse, so nobody will even know that you’re toting your lunch around with you. Make your way over to Amazon to grab your striped lunch bag set. $11.98

4. Blue BentoGo Boxes

2 adult bento box

This clever set of bento boxes provides a spot for your sandwich or main dish, along with two sides or snacks. And there’s even a sneaky spot for a set of plasticware to hide in between! Head over to Lunchbox.com to order your set of BentGo Boxes. $14.95

5. Greek Key Patterned Lunch Bag

4 greek key womens lunch box

If you’re a lover of patterns, then perhaps you’ll enjoy this lunch bag with its black and white greek key pattern and convenient handles which will make commuting easier. Head over to Walmart.com to pick up your own greek key lunch bag. $10.79

6. Jaxx Lunch Box Kit

6 jaxx lunch box kit

This utilitarian lunch box kit from Jaxx has it all – a water bottle, an ice pack and several plastic containers that fit perfectly inside of the grey and red bag. Make your way over to Amazon to read more about this super functional lunch bag or to buy your own. $34.79

7. Silver Be Cool Bag

9 be cool silver blue lunch box

This thermally insulated lunch bag will keep your food either hot or cold for up to a whopping 24 hours! And it also comes in a variety of different sizes to meet your needs. Read more about this funky and functional lunch bag over at Overstock.com. $19.99

8. Colorful Lunch Tote

10 urban lunch bag colorful

If form and function are both high priorities for you, then this colorful lunch tote from JWorld New York might be just perfect for you. The bottom section is insulated, keeping your food nice and cold until lunch time. Buy your own over at Amazon.com. $41.46

9. Double Decker Lunch Bag

8 double decker shoulder lunch bag

This durable lunch bag has two sections, so you can keep things separate and organized. It includes a custom plastic box that fits perfectly in the bottom, ideal for your sandwich or a salad. Make your way over to Lunchbox.com to real all about it. $27.95

10. Stainless Steel Bento Box Set

7 stainless steel lunch box

These stainless steel boxes are the perfect way to carry your lunch if you have a couple of different types of food to bring. And they look pretty gorgeous, too! Check out the full description or buy your own set over at Amazon.com. $28.60

11. Pink Canvas Insulated Lunch Bag

11 canvas insulated lunch bag

This canvas bag has striped handles and convenient pockets on the outside to hold silverware, napkins, etc. and the insulated lining will keep your food cold until lunchtime. Make your way over to Amazon to learn more about this stylish pick, and to see the other color options. $12.99

12. Crushproof Lunch Box

12 crushproof lunch bag

This clever little lunch box will prevent your sandwich from getting crushed, which can be especially important for those of us with a long commute. It also has a carabiner so you can conveniently attach it to another bag. Head to your nearest Target store to pick one up. $14.99

13. Insulated Tote Bag

15 canvas travel lunch bag

This khaki colored tote bag is insulated on the inside, and has a handy strap so you can throw it over your shoulder on the way to work. It also has a zipper so nothing falls out. Check out all the details over at Amazon right here. $6.68

14. Striped Lunch Bag

13 striped lunch box

This colorful lunch bag from Sanne has tasteful stripes on the outside, and functional insulation in the lining. It also has a handy pocket and a long shoulder strap if you prefer to carry it that way. Make your way over to Amazon to find out more about it. $25.55

15. Ms. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar Set

14 ms bento box set

If you enjoy bringing soups and stews for lunch, then this stainless lunch jar set from Ms. Bento might be the perfect solution for you. It contains a set of jars of different sizes, along with a bag that fits everything perfectly. Head over here to buy a set. $31.49

16. Adjustable Lunch Cooler

20 adjustable lunch bag

This bright red lunch cooler has space for a variety of different snacks and goodies, and it can be cinched tighter if you only need a small amount of space. It also features a side handle for easier carrying. Make your way over here to buy your own adjustable lunch bag. $19.61

17. Sandwich Bento Box

18 bento sandwich box

If you prefer to bring only a sandwich for lunch, then this petite bento box might be ideal for you. You’ll save space, and your sandwich will be protected on your way to work. Make your way over to Lunchbox.com to read all about this sleek pick. $27.95

18. Vera Bradley Padded Lunch Bag

17 vera bradley lunch bag dots

This padded bag from Vera Bradley has a colorful polka dotted pattern on the outside, and convenient handles on the top so you can carry it easily. It also has a handy clear window pocket for your ID badge. Check it out over at VeraBradley.com. $23.80 (on sale)

19. Louie’s Large Lunch Bag

16 deluth large lunch box

This extra large lunch bag from Deluth Trading Company is perfect for anyone who has a big appetite (or for people who may want to bring snacks in addition to their lunch). Make your way over to Deluth Trading Company’s website to read all about it. $64.95

20. Bento Heaven Set

19 bento green black

This neon and black bento box set from Bento Heaven includes everything you’ll need for lunch – two containers, tops, plasticware, chopsticks and a strap to close everything up. Check out all the details about this stylish set over at Amazon.com. $24.85

21. FoodSkin Flexible Lunch Box

21 food skin flexible

These unique lunch boxes are flexible, so that they conform to whatever food item you place inside. This is perfect for anyone who is trying to save space. And instead of rattling around in an oversized tupperware, your sandwich will stay in one piece. Get one here. $29.00

22. Bento Colors

22 bento colors

This handy lunch box actually has three different containers, making it ideal for anybody who likes to bring a variety of foods for lunch (or some extra snacks). And it comes in several bright, cheerful colors. Check out all the details over at Bento & Co. $25.00

23. Kichirou Lunch Bag

24 mint green large lunch bag

This one has an insulated interior, an adjustable strap and even an adorable little monkey key chain. You’ll be the hit of the lunchroom! It also comes in a variety of bright, unique colors. Make your way over to Kipling USA to read more about it. $49.00

24. OmieBox Lunch Box

23 omiebox hero lunch box

This state-of-the-art lunch box was designed to make it easier for kids to bring healthy, variety-filled lunches to school… and this is one that adults may love even more! The round area will keep foods at the correct temperature until lunch, and there is a removable divider to adjust the portion sizes. Get it here. $39.50

25. Tricolor Melamine Lunch Box

25 tri color lunch box

This large, stylish tricolor lunch box is made out of melamine resin, and has a metal enclosure to ensure that everything stays where it should. It is also perfect for picnics, thanks to its slightly larger size. Read all about it here (and be sure to use Google Translate if you don’t speak Japanese!). $28.74

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