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Shopping Guide: 25 Lunch Boxes For Adults

If you have a day job, then you know what a struggle it can be to find delicious, healthy lunch options. Local restaurants are most likely expensive and less than healthy, so why not bring your lunch? Simply make extra dinner the night before and put the leftovers in one of these 25 fantastic lunch boxes perfect for busy adults.

1. Pack It Personal Cooler

3 personal cooler lunch boz

This genius little lunch bag has a special gel in the lining which freezes when you put it in the freezer and keeps your food cold for up to ten hours. And it can be folded up compactly until you’re ready to use it. Head over to The Container Store to buy one. $19.99

2. Stanley Classic Lunch Box

5 stanley classic cooler

This classic green lunch box has a retro feel to it, with its metal closures and an old-school shape. The hard exterior also has the added benefit of preventing your sandwich from getting crushed. Head over to Walmart.com to pick up your very own Stanley lunch box. $31.76

3. Striped Lunch Bags

1 striped adult lunch bag

If subtlety is your goal, then these might be the lunch bags for you. This striped fabric bag has the look of a small purse, so nobody will even know that you’re toting your lunch around with you. Make your way over to Amazon to grab your striped lunch bag set. $11.98

4. Blue BentoGo Boxes

2 adult bento box


This clever set of bento boxes provides a spot for your sandwich or main dish, along with two sides or snacks. And there’s even a sneaky spot for a set of plasticware to hide in between! Head over to Lunchbox.com to order your set of BentGo Boxes. $14.95