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IKEA Hacks: 50 Nightstands and End Tables

IKEA is a wonderful place to shop if you’re trying to stick to a smaller budget, but then you run the risk of having the same pieces as everyone else. Which is why IKEA hacks are the perfect solution. Simply customize your IKEA furniture according to your taste, and suddenly you have something that nobody else has! Here are 50 of our very favorite nightstand and end table IKEA hacks.

1. Marble and Copper End Table

3 ikea hack nightstand

This gorgeous end table is made from an IKEA PS side table, along with some marble contact paper (so easy!) and spray paint. Doesn’t it look glamorous?! Make your way over to Kristi Murphy’s blog to find out exactly how to make your own table hack.

2. Stained Side Table

1 stained ikea end table

This table began as a humble IKEA Nesna, an unfinished wood side table without much personality. But with a couple of coats of stain and a bit of nail polish (yes, you read that right!) this table now has a whole new lease on life. Check out the instructions at The Lovely Drawer.

3. Art Deco End Table

4 art deco ikea table hack

This unique variation on the Lack table has a bold, art deco sort of feel with its black and white accents that are made using pieces of wood and some strategic painting. Head over to Mark Montano’s blog to find out how to make your own art deco showstopper.

4. Rast Nightstand

5 rask ikea hack nightstand

If you’re like me and you enjoy having storage space in your nightstand, then this Rast hack might be perfect for you. Just grab some cup pulls and gray stain and get to work. Make your way over to DIY Weekend Wife to find out how to recreate this beauty in your own home.

5. Copper End Table

2 ikea hack end table copper

This gorgeous end table is actually made out of a luggage rack and a round IKEA tray, and then it is spray painted so that it has that stylish copper finish that you see above. Make your way over to Poppytalk to find out how to make your own copper end table.

6. Paint Dipped Stool Side Table

6 diy ikea hocker aalto 1

This pretty little side table was made from an IKEA Aalto stool, which was assembled and painted with a mustard orange color to create this oh-so-chic little side table. And yes, it can still do double duty as a stool as well. Get the instructions over at Little Empty Room.

7. Striped Nightstand

8 striped end table hack

This impossibly cute nightstand started out as a plain white Selje nightstand, but became a super fun black and white striped version of its former self using electrical tape! Make your way over to See Kate Sew to find out how to recreate this one yourself.

8. Magazine File Table Hack

10 ikea hack magazine file table

This little hack is so clever… it utilizes not one, but three different IKEA products – the Frosta stool, the Knuff magazine files and the Nasum basket. Talk about ingenuity. Head over to EmerJa to learn how to transform these three pieces into the table you see above.

9. Striped Play Table

9 striped ikea end table

If you have kids, then you might enjoy this striped play table that is made from the IKEA Lack. All you’ll need is FrogTape, paint and polyurethane to create one of these fun striped tables. Make your way over to Christina’s Adventures to find out how to do it.

10. Rast Nightstand

7 ikea rast nightstand hack

Here’s another Rast nightstand, this time made with ring pulls to make a campaign style nightstand. For this one you’ll need some paint, stain and of course the pulls. Make your way over to The Sweetest Occasion to find out how to make your own.

11. Wood Embellished IKEA Lack Tables

11 lack wood end tables

These tables started out as Lacks, but were completely transformed using wood, stain and screws. And because the wood was stained darker but the tables were left white, there is a nice contrast. Head over to Simply LKJ to find out how to execute this lovely project.

12. Bottle Cap Table

14 ikea table bottle caps

For a super playful take on the Lack, give this unique bottle cap table a try. First things first, you’ll have to collect a number of bottle caps to use…. then make your way over to My So Called Crafty Life to find out how to create your own version of this fun end table.

13. Nailhead End Table

13 ikea table glam

If glamorous white and gold is more your look, give this nailhead trim table a try. It is made using the Lack (are we seeing a trend here?!) along with some wood, spray paint and, of course, nailhead trim. Check out the full tutorial over at Lacquer and Linen.

14. Trunk Cube Tables

12 lack hardware side table

These gorgeous trunk cube style tables are made out of multiple Lack tables, along with some beautiful brass hardware. They’re super easy to assemble, too. Just make your way over to Making It With Danielle to find out how to create your own trunk cube tables.

15. Lack Upgrade

15 ikea lack table upgrade

Here’s yet another upgrade for a Lack table, this time done with pleather fabric and brass nailhead trim. The result is a unique, pretty piece that should stand up well to wear and tear. Head over to Lovely Indeed to read the tutorial and check out more photos.

16. Malm Transformation

19 malm end table marble

This beautiful nightstand started out as a boring white Malm, but was transformed with marble contact paper and brass hardware to create a lovely, glamorous version of its former self. Head over to The Blondielocks to find out how to do it yourself.

17. Frosta Laptop Table

18 ikea frosta side tablet table

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been known to use my laptop on the couch once or twice. That’s what they’re made for, right? Well this amazing hack transforms a Frosta stool into the perfect laptop table. Check out all the details over at Apartment Therapy.

18. Hamper Side Table

17 ikea side tablle laundry hamper

Believe it or not, this beautiful side table was made from an old IKEA hamper! The frame of the hamper is used as legs for the table, while a stained piece of wood serves as the tabletop. Make your way over to The Clever Bunny to find out how this was made.

19. Taller Nightstand

20 lack end table

Sometimes it is difficult to find a nightstand that works perfectly with the height of your bed… so why not create one out of two Lack tables?! Christina from Designing by Numbers  has customized her Lacks to work perfectly with her bed. Find out more here.

20. “Inlay” End Table

16 ikea inlay table

This gorgeous table looks like it has a pattern inlaid right into the wood, but it is actually an interesting technique done with paint and then stain on top. And a Lack table, of course! Make your way over to Milu’s House & Melissa Design Studio to check out the how-to.

21. Neon Step Stool

23 neon stepstool table hack

This one isn’t so much a hack, as it is just a clever idea – paint a step stool a bright, neon color and then use it as an end table rather than a step stool. Genius! Make your way over to L’Atelier Azimuté to check out this and lots of other inspiring ideas.

22. Rope Wrapped Lack

21 ikea lack rope table

If nautical chic is your look, then you might enjoy this fantastic rope wrapped Lack table. All you’ll need for this project is rope, a glue gun and some twine. Head over to See What I Sea Designs to find out exactly how to recreate this lovely beach-inspired piece.

23. Tiled Lack Tables

24 tiled lack

Here’s another great idea… tile the top of a lack table! There are so many different types of tile available today, that you really have endless design options. And if you already know how to tile, this will be a super easy project. Head over to IKEA Hackers to find out more.

24. Gilded Bedside Table

25 ikea gilded bedside table

If you are looking for a super glamorous bedside table, then this might be the project for you. The key here is to buy a set of eight wood corbels and then to use gold leaf to give them that beautiful metallic finish. Check out the full how-to over at Style Me Pretty. 

25. Greek Key Overlays

22 ikea lack greek key overlay

This lack table has been transformed by a set of Greek Key shaped overlays, something that can simply be added onto any existing IKEA piece. Make your way over to Gorgeous Shiny Things to find out more about this fun and easy makeover.

26. Hemnes Nightstand Hack

26 hemnes nightstand

The Hemnes nightstand has a unique shape, but nothing really special about it. This actually started out black, but was painted white and the then a rich walnut stain was added to the sanded drawer. And of course, some fun hardware. Read more about it here.

27. Painted Stools

27 ikea hack painted stools

This one doesn’t come with a tutorial per se, but it is pretty easy to imagine how to execute this on your own. Simply grab some painters tape, paint and a couple of Frosta stools and you’ll be ready to go. Head over here to see more photos of these cool tables.

28. Dog Crate Nightstand

28 dog crate nightstand

Yes, it’s true… there’s a dog crate hidden under this nightstand! Wouldn’t your furry friend love to have his own little doghouse right next to your bed? Make your way over to IKEA Hackers to find out exactly how to recreate this lovely piece yourself.

29. Penny Topped Lack

29 ikea hack penny table

This is such cool hack –  a penny tiled lack! If you like the look of a metallic copper finish (and you have a lot of spare change lying around) then this might be the perfect project for you. Head over to IKEA Hackers to find out how you can make your own penny tiled Lack.

30. Vintage Modern End Table

30 ikea hack vintage modern end table

This lovely vintage inspired modern end table has a super glam look, even though it’s make simply out of a white Lack table. For this, you’ll need some gold chain, sonotube, paint, and a few other materials to recreate this look yourself. Check out the how-to at Shades of Blue Interiors.

31. Paint-Dipped Hemnes Nightstand

32 dipped hemnes nightstand hack

This super colorful nightstand was created using an IKEA Hemnes nightstand, and some carefully chosen paint. The bright orange on the top really gives it some serious pizzazz, while the lighter hue on the bottom gives it that fun paint-dipped look. Read more here.

32. Nailhead Trim Table

34 nailhead trim hack

This Lack table has been embellished with nailhead trim, but in a very unique pattern – thus giving it a modern, almost geometric sort of feel. Make your way over to Second Street East to find out how to create your very own nailhead trim end table.

33. Two Tone Rast Hack

35 two tone end table

This Rast hack is a bit different than others we’ve seen… this one has a lovely two tone effect, with black drawers and a rich brown top surface. Clear knobs are the perfect finishing touch. Head over to The Accent Piece to find out how to make one yourself.

34. Map Covered End Table

33 map end table

Here we have a set of Micke office drawers that have been given a lovely makeover using old maps! The maps give it a unique feel, taking it more toward funky living room end table and away from office filing cabinet. Read more about the project here.

35. Nailhead Trim Hemnes

31 nailhead hemnes hack

This Hemnes nightstand has been made over using nailhead trim (a common theme in this article), but this time it has been applied only to the drawer, giving it a unique look. Make your way over to IKEA Hackers to find out more about this simple project.

36. Pink Campaign Style Nightstand

36 pink campaign style nightstand

This super feminine campaign style nightstand started out as a Rast, but with some brass hardware and lots of pretty pink paint, it became what you see above. Head over to Vintage Revivals to check out the full tutorial and plenty more photos.

37. White and Wood Hack

Sony dsc

Here’s another Rast hack, this time with a completely different look – using white paint on the outside frame and fabric dye (believe it or not) on the drawers! Make your way over to Midwestern Girl to find out how to create this look on your own IKEA Rast.

38. Farmhouse Chic Nightstand

37 ikea tarva hack

This lovely nightstand started out as a Tarva, but became a super chic farmhouse style nightstand with only a few simple steps. The key here is to find the right cast iron style hardware. Head over to The Lily Pad Cottage to find out more about this gorgeous nightstand.

39. Tarva Hack

39 ikea tarva nightstand hack

This nightstand started out as a Tarva also, but the end result is quite different. Here, the look was accomplished by using a combination of chalk paint and wood stain. Head over to Do It Yourself Decor to find out how to recreate this look on your own furniture.

40. Two Tone Rast Hack

40 ikea rast hack

This Rast hack has a slight different feel, with a substantial base that has been added using molding along with a thick, dark wooden top surface. Make your way over to The Turquoise Home to find out exactly how to execute this lovely look yourself.

41. Gold Striped Side Table

44 gold stripe side table

This little round side table has such a sweet look, with its rounded legs and fun off-center striped gold and white top. And the most important aspect of this one is some serious painting skills! Check out the full tutorial over at the Dwell Beautiful blog.

42. Gold and Marble Vittsjo Table

45 gold marble vittsjo hack

This is one of these projects that is both super functional and really pretty – a rarity! The Vittsjo laptop table is transformed using some gold paint and marble contact paper. Make your way over to The Sweetest Digs to learn all about it.

43. Three Tone Selje

43 painted leg hack

This gorgeous Selje nightstand fits in perfectly in this room, now that it is painted with this cool three tone look. This one doesn’t come with a tutorial, but it would be easy enough to figure out how to paint and stain the different sections. See the rest of this space here.

44. Moroccan Style Malm

42 nightstand with overlay and moroccan wedding blanket jpg

This gorgeous take on the Malm is a beautiful accent to the stunning room. Normally, the Malm is more of a dresser… but it works well as nightstands here with this large bed. Find out how to add this pretty embellishment to your Malm over at Mint Love Social Club.

45. Matte Black Nightstand

41 black bedside table

This stunning nightstand has a very unique look, with its matte black finish and raw wood top. This one doesn’t come with a tutorial unfortunately, but it would be easy enough to paint it matte black and top it with a piece of wood. Found over here.

46. Lazy Susan Table

46 lazy susan side table

This is a fun one… it spins! The bottom is made out of an IKEA Marius Stool, and the top is the Snudda Lazy Susan. The legs have been painted a cheery yellow color too. Make your way over to A Mommy’s Life with a Touch of Yellow to find out all the details.

47. Concrete Topped Table

50 ikea concrete table hack

This one looks super stylish, with its plain white frame and natural concrete table top. It would look so nice as a set in a modern space. Make your way over to Weekday Carnival to read a bit more about this fun project and to see some more images.

48. Wood Slab Table

48 wood slab ikea table

This beautiful piece was made using an IKEA Marius stool again, but this time finished using a thick slab of raw wood as the top. Make your way over to Muy Ingenioso to find out all about this project and to learn how to do it yourself (be sure to use Google Translate if you don’t speak Spanish).

49. Raskog Nightstand

49 raskog cart hack

The Raskog doesn’t necessarily have to be used as simply a storage cart… why not use it as a bedside table?! This one isn’t so much a hack, as it is another brilliant idea. Make your way over to The Everygirl to read more about this super stylish space.

50. Cube End Table

47 ikea hack cube side table

This super fun cube shaped end table has a certain whimsical quality to it, with its chunky shape and small, spindly legs. Make your way over to Sugar & Cloth to find out how to recreate this lovely end table yourself with only a few basic tools and materials.

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