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15 Quick and Easy Sharpie Art Projects For The Family

We all have a few Sharpie markers lying around the house. So why not grab them, gather up the family and be a little creative together this afternoon. With these 15 quick and easy Sharpie art project for the family, you’ll be able to use your imagination while spending some time enjoying each other’s company.

1. Mugs

Diy mug art ideas cheap gift ideas inexpensive sharpie art doodle art 11

The Anastasia Co shows us how to make some gorgeous mugs with the help of some Sharpie markers. Have everyone in the family create a new design!

2. Ornaments

Diy sharpie ornaments

And if you visit the Official Sharpie Blog, you’ll find some beautiful Christmastime information. Everyone in the family can design one of these for the tree too!

3. Chairs

Diy sharpie chair

Upcycle an older piece of furniture with the help of some markers too. Grab all the details over at Little Green Notebook.

4. Pencil Cases

Diy pencil case

The sis a wonderful back-to-school project. Visit 645 Workshop and learn how to design your very own pencil case!

5. Tile Art

Diy tile sharpie