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DIY Colorful Votive Planters

Do you consider yourself having a brown thumb because of your previous experiences with plants? Why not start small and give yourself time to adapt caring for a living being except for yourself. As I found these pretty variegated fittonia plants next to these tealight votives at IKEA, an idea instantly sparked in my mind! The sizes matched and them votives couldn’t be any perfect to sit these adorable plants.  One thing that bothered me was that the votives were see through and I did not want the emphasis to be on the ugly soil but the beautiful texture of the votives and the plants, so here comes the spray paint.Diy tealight candle holder planterBy giving them a fresh coat of color, not only did I succesfully hide that not so good part but elevate it right for summer by strategically choosing bright colors like yellow, hot pink and sky blue.They are not only great starters for those who can’t handle big monstrous plants, but they also make for a great table decoration for the next summer brunch you throw. Or place these tinies in a nursery or simply over your dresser. Perfect for all times.I know you can’t wait to dive in, so here is what all you will need for this project to get startedDiy tealight candle holder planter materials


  • Tea light candle holders ( from IKEA )
  • Spray paint of your choice
  • Fittonia plants

Diy tealight candle holder planter step 1 clDiy tealight candle holder planter step 4


Clean and remove any tags from your new candle votives. Take them to an open area and sit them upside down. Give them a light coat of spray paint. And follow it with another 2-3 coats with due intervals for them to dry before the next coat, also checking each time that the candle votives have paint evenly distributed. Let the paint dry completely for a couple of hours. That is all to it, now place in your fittonia plants and you now have these adorable votive planters that you can decorate your window ledgen with and enjoy them growing each passing day.Diy tealight candle holder planter 4Diy tealight candle holder planter 2Diy tealight candle holder planter 5I hope you liked this tutorial. If you happen to make one for yourself although a bunch would be wonderful, don’t forget to share with us! We would love to see your projects.

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