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DIY Sewing Kit: 15 Essentials To Include

As thoughtful gifts for the avid sewer in your life or a way to create your own as you head off on your how-to adventure, a sewing kit is a necessity to every home. Renewing lost buttons, fixing holes in seams and placing a patch here or there are just some of the everyday tasks that need to be able to be completed – aside from the fun odds and ends jobs that we love to featured here at DIYs. So, when you’re putting your own sewing kit together – what does it need to include? Here are 15 essentials every sewing kit needs to have inside and you need to gather up in its making.

1. Jar / Basket / Container

Sewing Basket

Of course, you’ll need something adorable and functional to put all of your essentials in! And this one from WalMart not only comes in an adorable print but it’s roomy and the interior lid has a built-in pin cushion.

2. Pincushion

Tree Stump Pincushion

If you’re basket doesn’t have a pincushion inside, then you’ll need to add one of your own. Here we have a tree stump pincushion that’s so charming on its own that it could be used to gift to one of your sewing buddies. Check out the details at Uncommon Goods.

3. Assortment of Needles

Single Assortment of Needles

Needles are obvious, you’ll need a good assortment of sizes when it comes to hand sewing needles – or you won’t be able to get the job done! Check out this great pack from Singer you can pick up at Jo-Ann.

4. Assortment of Thread

Sewing Thread Kit from Kohls

Kohls has a great pack of thread that makes for another great gift idea itself for your sewing buddies. Of course, a smaller assortment works for smaller kits (black and white being of absolute necessity) but having the option of more colors would be a wonderful addition.

5. Safety Pins

Singer Safety Pins

Jo-Ann will also provide you with a pack of safety pins to throw in your sewing kit. These are needed for a variety of projects so make sure you have some to grab when they’re time of need comes to call.

6. Assortment of Buttons

Assortment of Buttons

Of course you’ll need to add some buttons to the mix. How many times does the kiddos – or the husband – lose a buttons off of their favorite pair of pants of shirt? If you have an assortment to choose from, you’ll be more likely to find a match! Thankfully Amazon has a bucket of basic buttons that will do the job!

7. Assortment of Patches

Singer Iron On Patches

Amazon also has a pack of iron-on patches (that can also be sewed) for denim projects that need a quick fix. Of course you can grab some funky colors and prints as well for when you need a bit of extra pizzazz.

8. Thimble


You’ll need a couple of thimbles thrown into the kit as well – keep yourself from getting pricked. You can find fun ones in the stores but all you need are these simple pieces from Hancock Fabrics to get the job done.

9. Tape Measure

Pink Tape Measure

Obviously a tape measure is a major necessity for when diving into more intricate projects. Grab the adorable “pink” version as Amazon for an extra girlish touch.

10. Seam Ripper

Singer Seam Ripper

Seam rippers can come it really handy when fixing up an old garment or creating new ones. Make sure you grab one for the kit as well, like this 4″ Singer form WalMart.

11. Straight Pins

Straight PIns

You’ll need these for fixing up hemlines and the like so make sure you have enough. Go ahead and grab a pack from Amazon!

12. Shears

Fabric Fiskers Shears

Shears are essential as well, what else are you going to cut things with? A regular pair of scissors just won’t “cut it” – pardon the pun – so make sure you decide on a nice pair made just for fabric. Check these out at Kohls.

13. Velcro

Pack of White Velcro

Yes, a few pieces of Velcro wouldn’t hurt either. They’re quick fixes when you’re in a rush and easy for even the most novice of sewers or DIYs to handle. Grab a pack at Amazon.

14. Snap Pliers

SNap Pliers

These will come in handy if you need to fix any snaps or grommets. If you have time you may want to add one of these into your DIY sewing kit. This pair from Jo-Ann will take care of any project.

15. Need Threader

Needle Threader

Instead of squinting and taking 10 minutes to thread your needle by hand – include a needle threader too! It’ll be a thoughtful addition to the pack if you’re making it for someone else too. WalMart carries them for quite an inexpensive price.

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