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10 Best Wood Burning Kits for the Money in 2021

The world of woodworking and wood-based DIY is a diverse one involving all kinds of fantastic skills and techniques. Believe it or not, working with wood isn’t always just limited to actual carpentry. You might be a talented wood painter, for example. Lately, our favorite wood-based skill to both see and practice ourselves has been wood burning.

Best Wood Burning Kits

That’s partially why we’ve been gathering the links and information for the best wood burning kits we could find all across the Internet. When you’re new to learning and using a tool or skill, it really helps to put some research in before you purchased the supplies. This way, you have a better idea of what you actually need and what’s best for you.

What is Wood Burning (or Pyrography)?

Have you ever seen a decorative wooden piece, like a branch slice plaque or a clock, that has a pattern, image, or quote on its surface in a deep, natural-looking brown marking? More often than not, those pieces are creating using wood burning techniques! In the industrial world, some wood burning is done with pre-fabricated brands, almost like heated stamps. The handmade and more intricate projects, however, are usually done freehand using a wood burning pen.

Where to Buy a Wood Burning Kit?

We’ve compared and contrasted the perks and drawbacks of ten different wood burning kits sold by various brands. We hope that this will make your process of shopping for a new kit a little easier! Check it out below.

1. Catnes 97-piece wood burning kit

Catnes 97 piece wood burning kit

This wood burning kit from Catnes comes with a reinforced, ergonomic pen and a convenient storage space for all its pieces. In total, the kit contains 97 pieces.

These include different angled tips, shaped tips for stamping, a range of stencils for design making, and colored pencils for pre-sketching designs to be burned. They even give you a few little pieces of practice wood to try out new techniques on.

The pen is easy to use and beginner-friendly, but it does take some practice when it comes to properly changing and using all of the tips. Be aware that, even with simple kits like this, there’s a learning curve to mastering the tool and all of its features.

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  • Comes with a ton of accessories, including lots of tips, carbon papers, and more. 
  • Great price and value.


  • Too complicated for beginners.

2. drtulz 56-piece wood burning kit with pyrography pen

Drtulz 56 piece wood burning kit with pyrography pen

Are you intrigued by the concept of purchasing a comprehensive starter kit, but you’re just not sure that you’ll use all 97 pieces included in the one above? Then maybe you’d prefer this slightly simplified version from drtulz that only contains 56 pieces instead.

You’ll still get pencils, stencils, instructions, and a case, but the range of interchangeable tips is a little more manageable and slightly less overwhelming for learners.

Although this kit is slightly smaller than the previous one, its price is directly comparable. You might want to weigh potential use against the cost to evaluate whether it’s still worth the money if you’re working on a budget.

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  • Features stencils, numerous soldering tips, comes with its own stand. 
  • Easy to carry, as it features a case. 
  • Works for wood burning, carving, embossing, and soldering


  • Can become too hot to hold. 

3. Burnmaster Eagle PRO 2 pen set

Burnmaster eagle pro 2 pen set

If you’re already familiar with and practiced in wood burning and you do it quite frequently, you might get along better with this more advanced model from Burnmaster.

The larger base of this kit is a little more powerful, letting it heat two wood burning pens simultaneously. It even comes with a convenient, precisely sized screwdriver for minor tightening and repairs and a kit that fits all of the pieces well and keeps them organized and protected. You’ll also get a range of tips.

Although this kit is a little pricier, that’s accounted for in the increased strength and quality of the piece. Be aware that these wire tips are a little different than the solid metal ones you saw above. Learning to use them might take a little more practice and finesse.

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  • The set comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • Powerful kit with 2 pens and 15 tips.


  • Runs a bit more expensive than many other sets.

4. TRUArt wood and leather pyrography pen

Truart wood and leather pyrography pen

Are you actually interested primarily in pyrography, specifically, creating cursive and calligraphy-inspired work rather than burnt patterns or images? Then this pyrography kit from TRUArt might be a little more up your alley.

This pen was built for work on both wood and leather, making it a little more durable and diverse. The tips are shaped specifically for calligraphy style art, letting you freehand write with different flairs regardless of which material you’re using.

Although this is undoubtedly one of the best choices, we saw for pyrography, keep in mind that the specific intention of the tips means they’re a little less diverse. If you’re a beginner wanting to create all kinds of patterns, you can still do beautiful work with this pen, but the tips are a little more practical and simplified than some other fun and diverse options.

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  • Features 21 different tips, dual power mode, and more. 
  • Works on wood and leather. 
  • Convenient price.


  • Not as sturdy as other makes.

5. Woodland Home full wood burning kit with stencils

Woodland home full wood burning kit with stencils

If you’re looking for a kit that’s rather simple and primarily gives you the basics but that you can easily do both decorative wood burning or pyrography with, then check out this option from Woodland Home.

The ergonomic pen is easy to maneuver, and the tips are limited to mostly the basics but intended for use with stencils that help you create more decorative things freehand. The kit also comes with a very well-organized and durable metal case, with a handle that makes it super portable.

Because this pen is intended to be portable, be aware that its power and heating base are a little smaller than some. It, therefore, does not also act as a stand for holding the hot pen while you adjust your project like some larger bases do. You’ll need to pay a little extra attention to where and how you put your pen down.

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  • Comes with stencils, plenty of pyrography tips.
  • Doubles as soldering iron.
  • Good price.


  • Little instructions, so not the perfect match for beginners.

6. Walnut Hollow introductory wood burning pen for beginners

Walnut hollow introductory wood burning pen for beginners

Are you more interested in some very affordable and extremely basic, just so you can test wood burning out and see if you like it without any huge financial commitment? Then this small kit from Walnut Hollow might be a better choice for you.

This pen was specifically created to introduce beginners to only the basic techniques, like a taster of the world of wood burning. You’ll get the pen, a “kickstand” to set it on, and four differently shaped interchangeable tips.

Although this pen provides you with some decent basics, beginners who haven’t perfected their freehand design techniques yet might start to feel a little constricted in terms of what they can create since the kit is limited. This is justified, however, by the more affordable price.

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  • Extremely affordable.
  • Comes with 4 different points.


  • The kit is pretty basic.
  • Handle can get a bit hot.

7. Uttiny double pen wood burning and engraving kit

Uttiny double pen wood burning and engraving kit

Were you most interested so far in the double pen kit that we showed you previously, but it was a little too industrial and expensive for what you need? Consider this alternative from Uttiny instead.

You’ll get two wands, each with its own independent stand that can sit separately from the base so you can organize your workspace how you please. You’ll also get a small, precisely sized repairs screwdriver and a good range of differently shaped tips. In fact, they even give you a spare length of the wire the tips are made from, so you can try making your own!

Because the tips are the basic, more detailed wire kind, you might find that this kit takes a little extra practice to use. It’s also worth noting that, even though the free placement of the pen stands is very convenient, it also means that using this kit takes up a little more space.

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  • Complex kit with 2 wood burning stencil pens.
  • Works with wood and leather. 


  • The handle becomes hot, so you may want to take some breaks while working more complex projects.

8. Winons multi-functional, adjustable wood burning pen with temperature switch

Winons multi functional, adjustable wood burning pen with temperature switch

Are you still looking for a very basic pen, just to test out whether this skill really is something you want to learn, but you’d also like more than only four tips? Then perhaps this pen from Winons is a good middle ground option for you.

Their tip range is still limited to the basics so that you can learn the practical skills first, but you’re also afforded a decent variety to work on your skills and create patterns with.

This pen is generally well-reviewed, but previous buyers have pointed out some initial difficulty in changing out the tips in the past. It’s the kind of thing that you’ll get the hang of quite quickly, but that can be a little finicky the first few times you try.

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  • The kit features loads of extra tips.
  • You can adjust the temperature.
  • Comfortable to hold.


  • Doesn’t burn very deep in the wood.

9. Chandler Tool wood and leather burning tool

Chandler tool wood and leather burning tool

If you’re a wood or leatherworker with joint pain but who uses their burning tool quite regularly, then we think this especially ergonomic option from Chandler Tool might be the right choice for you.

They give you a thicker handle for easier gripping, a rubber section for safer maneuvering, and even an extra guard between the heated tip and where your fingers sit, just in case. You’ll also get a stand for setting the hot pen on, as well as a range of tips and even an extender piece.

Although the extension pieces are very useful and can be removed, some people who tend to prefer holding their pens and brushes much closer to the tip might struggle to adjust to this shape. Even without an extender in place, the heated head of this pen is rather long compared to many other models.

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  • The set comes with 8 wood burning tips and 1 soldering tip
  • Instructions are available for download.


  • No temperature control.

10. TEKCHIC Pro1 professional wood burning kit with two burners

Tekchic pro1 professional wood burning kit with two burners

Do you actually prefer the more technical pens that come with simplified wire heads, but you’re also n the hunt for a slightly more well-rounded starter kit, just to give you a good base of supplies? Well, if a double pen set appeals to you more, then we think you’ll like this kit from TEKCHIC best.

They provide you with two pens with their own stands that are independent of the base, a small but comprehensive range of wire tips, and even a couple of little wood slices to practice on before you tackle a whole project.

Once again, keep in mind that you’ll need a slightly larger workspace for this kit if you’re going to use both pens at once, just to accommodate the two stands and the shared base. We’d also suggest practicing the process of changing out the wire tips a few times before you get stuck into a project. It’s not hard to do, but it can feel a little tricky at first.

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  • Set features two wood burners.
  • The kit includes 20 wire nibs tips.
  • Easy to use.


  • Needs better instructions for beginners. 

What Are Wood Burning Tools Like?

Most wood burning kits that can be purchased for home use feature an adjustable heating and power base and a “wand” or “pen.” This pen has a metallic end- which is the end that gets hot and that you create your burnt designs with- and a plastic and rubber-lined handle for maneuvering the pant without burning your hand.

Quality wood burning pens also usually come with differently shaped and sized interchangeable tips. These let you get different visual effects when you touch the hot pen to the wood.

How Does Wood Burning Work?

Once the metal tip of your wood burning pen has fully heated, you can touch it gently to the surface of your wood in order to make burn marks. With practice, you’ll be able to turn these marks into designs, allowing you to sort of “draw” or “paint” on the wood using heat.

The key is to apply the heat long enough to burn the surface slightly, but not so long that you damage the piece. Luckily, most wood burning kits come with instructions, and wood burning tutorials are available all over the Internet.

Storing Your Wood Burning Kit

Properly storing your wood burning kit is quite easy, but it’s still important. As with any electronic appliance or tool, you’ll want to keep it somewhere dry and temperature regulated.

We’d suggest gathering or wrapping the cord, so it doesn’t become tangled or frayed. The base of the wood burning, where the power and heart generates, is particularly important as far as avoiding moisture is concerned.

Safety in Wood Burning

If you have little kids at home, learning how to use and store your wood burning kit properly is particularly important. Long cords and small interchangeable tips, for example, both pose choking hazards if they’re left lying around. You’ll also want to wear protective gloves when you’re working with the pen, especially at extra high temperatures, in order to avoid burning your hands. Choose a workspace that’s away from pets and young children, and always be careful of how and where you set your pen down to heat up or cool down.

Do you know another DIY enthusiast who’s been thinking about investing in a new wood burning kit but who could use some help choosing the right one? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of options to consider!