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12 Rustic Bathroom DIYs To Whip Up This Weekend

There are big and small ways to transform your home into the farmhouse chic space you’ve been eyeing in all of the interior design magazines. And sometimes those tinier additions can happen in the bathroom. Today, we’re compiled a list of 15 rustic bathroom DIYs to whip up this weekend. Have a look, grab the materials, and get yourself started.

1. Weathered White

Weathered white mirror

The Weather Fox shows off how to create a weathered mirror for your bathroom. Of course, this is a piece that would look nice in a foyer or bedroom, but it’s also a surprising way to add easy style to the bathroom. Take the leap and follow the tutorial now.

2. Seed Box

Rustic sewing drawer diy

How sweet is this seed box sprucing up the porcelain thrown? Olde Farmhouse will walk you through the details. but it would look great in any nook or cranny. Add fresh flowers to the jars or use them to organize the basics like cotton balls – or just use the box to store extra toilet paper.

3. Barn Door

Baby blue barn door

What do you think about installing a barn door to your guest bathroom? This will completely change the look and feel of the space and transform the area around it as well. Check out more inspo at Home Stratosphere.

4. Bed Frame Towel Bar

Diy towel bar from bed frame

Sarah Joy took an old, vintage bed frame and turned it into a towel rack for the bathroom. It’s a great way to add texture and interest to the walls – and even more so as a topping to your garden tub. With a shelf addition, you can also add some fresh decor to really roundabout that farmhouse feel.

5. Wooden Valence

Salvage board as valance diy