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Awesome Room Decor Ideas for Little Girls

When it comes to the idea of overhauling our daughters’ rooms to get them a little more colour and personality, we feel nearly overwhelmed with how an awesome an opportunity this project is for our DIY skills. There are just so any cheerful and adorable looking things to make that might look perfect in a little girl’s bedroom, and they’re almost our things that our kids really like. IN an attempt to narrow down the list of things we’ll make a little bit, we’ve been on the hunt for all kinds of online DIY tutorials, just to make sure we’ve looked at lots of options before we decided what to make for their rooms.

Just in case you love the idea of making some new DIY decor pieces for your little girls’ rooms just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our searching for inspiration and guidance!

1. Colour popping butterfly lamp

Colour popping butterfly lamp

Like most little girls, is your daughter as enamoured with fluttering butterflies as ours are? They just can’t get enough or watching the pretty little things flit around outside in the park. That’s why we thought this adorable upcycled, painted, and embellished butterfly lamp outlined step by step on Mod Podge Rocks was such a good idea!

2. Purple ruffles lampshade

Purple ruffles lampshade

Maybe your little girl is the kind of very girly kid who loves nothing more than flouncy things and ruffles? In that case, we have a feeling you might all get a real kick out of the way this tutorial by Craftistas outlines the process of making a fully ruffled lampshade that has so very cool visual texture! We love their purple scheme but this would look awesome in just about any colour you choose.

3. Painted candleholder jewelry storage

Painted candleholder jewelry storage

Perhaps your daughter is a little bit older and already developing a love for jewelry and accessories? In that case, why not make her something that looks very pretty but is practical enough to help her keep her room organized? We love the way The Yellow Cape Cod made this fantastic necklace stand by giving a vintage candlestick a new coat of paint.

4. Bright scrapbook paper shelves

Bright scrapbook paper shelves

Whether you think she’ll use a set of mounted cubby shelves for jewelry like you see here or for something else entirely, we still think the basic idea in this tutorial is one for the books! Check out how Tater Tots and Jello made a simple set of shelves one of the coolest things in the room by not just giving them a coat of paint, but also lining the backs of the shelves in brightly contrasting and patterned paper for an even more fun look.