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15 Ways To Reuse Those Empty Candle Jars

Are you throwing out those glass containers once the candle is all melted away? Well, STOP! There are plenty of ways to reuse those empty candle jars and we’re here to share all the secrets, 15 to be exact. So, clean them out and start taking notes. Below you’ll find a variety of tutorials and inspiration for how to upcycle those versatile bits all over the house.

1. Succulent Terranium

Diy succulent terranium from old candle jar

Bower Power gave us a lot of inspiration with this succulent terrarium DIY. With bigger glass candle jars, you can clean out any excess wax and turn them into something similar. Even small pieces could be used in funky clusters to spruce up the house.

2. Makeup Essentials

Makeup brush storage options from old candle jar

Are you in need of some new ways to clean up your vanity and get organized? You can clean out those old candle jars and put the to good use! Just check out how these makeup brushes and lip glosses were stored by Elle Sees!

3. Vacation Memories

Vacation memories jars

We always find a lot of great ideas, DIYs, and inspiration from Martha Stewart. And these cuties are no exception. Instead of a photo album, you can create memory jars for all of your favorite parts of life, vacation, graduations, weddings, birthdays, and more!

4. Seasonal Decor

Reuse candle jars for decor

You can turn them into some funky cute decor as well. Ones that already have tops work nicely for this and you can change them out for the season. Snowflakes, small snow globes, lemon slices, or pumpkins for fall like you see here in this shot from Dwell Beautiful.

5. Pantry Organization

Old candle jars into kitchen pantry organization