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15 Food Recipes Involving Lemonade

Lemonade is one of our very favourite parts of summer. It’s fresh, delicious, and fruity enough to make us feel like the warm weather and sunshine will never end. One of our favourite things, however, is taking classic food or drink recipes and putting a unique spin on them to make them even more exciting!

Check out these awesome food recipes that are inspired by the sweet, fresh taste of lemonade!

1. Lemonade cupcakes

Lemonade cupcakes

Lemon cupcakes are already a common recipe because they’re absolutely delicious! When you make them with icing that actually contains sweet lemonade mix, however, they reach a completely new level of fresh deliciousness! Check out the recipe on Betty Crocker to see what we mean.

2. Raspberry lemonade cupcakes

Raspberry lemonade cupcakes

What’s even tastier than a lemonade cupcake? A raspberry lemonade cupcake, of course! Just like raspberries amp up the drink, raspberry icing and a fresh raspberry on top will take your yummy lemon cupcakes to a whole new taste level. Cooking Classy shows you how they’re done!

3. Pink lemonade cupcakes

Pink lemonade cupcakes

Do you love the idea of lemonade-inspired cupcakes but you’re still not quite satisfied by regular lemons or raspberries? Maybe pink lemonade mix will do the trick for you! Besides being sweetly delicious, pink lemonade cupcakes are also one of the cutest baked goods we’ve ever seen. Find out how to make your own on I Heart Naptime.

4. Pink lemonade cream pie

Pin lemonade cream pie

Cupcakes aren’t the only thing you can make using your favourite pink lemonade! Some people prefer the golden crust and creamy filling of a pie to the spongy texture of a cake. If that’s how you feel, then Tablespoon has you covered!

5. Strawberry lemonade cake pops

Strawberry lemonade cakepops

Are finger food-sized desserts more your style than big pies? You can incorporate lemonade into those too! These strawberry lemonade cake pops by Tablespoon are easier to make than you’d think, and they even look like a little pink lemon wedge!

6. Lemonade sorbet

Lemonade sorbet

Learning how to make your own sorbet gives you endless yummy dessert flavour options, but we’re with Tablespoon on this one; nothing beats a good lemonade sorbet!

7. Lemonade party cake

Lemonade party cake

For some people, the best kind of dessert is a simple, satisfying sponge cake. If this describes you, than we highly suggest you head on over to Tablespoon and check out their deliciously fresh lemonade party cake recipe before you host your next special occasion!

8. Fluffy pink lemonade dessert with pretzel crust

Fluffy pink lemonade dessert with pretzel crust

Once again, Tablespoon comes through for us lemonade lovers. This sweet mousse on top of a delicious pretzel crust creates the perfect flavour combination (and the colour is pretty pleasing as well)!

9. Lemon linzer bars

Lemon linzer bars

Linzer bars are a delicious German baked good involving layers of cream cheese and raspberry on top of a sugar cookie-like crust. Tablespoon‘s recipe makes them even better than usual, however, by mixing the cream cheese layer with lemonade for a fresh citrus taste!

10. Raspberry lemonade freeze

Raspberry lemonade freeze

Were you hoping for more cold lemonade-inspired recipes to really mirror the refreshed feeling you get when you drink a tall, cold glass of lemoande? Tablespoon can help you out with that too. Check out how they made this deliciously colourful raspberry lemonade freeze treat!

11. Frozen lemonade pie in a jar

Frozen lemonade pie in a jar

Our Best Bites has another fresh, cold lemonade recipe for you! It’s also a great one to follow because it shows you how to make individual servings rathter than massive desserts for an entire group. Check out the instructions for this quick lemon bite!

12. Pink lemonade no-bake cheesecake in a glass

Pink lemonade no bake cheesecake in a glass

If you’re perhaps not the most skilled person in the kitchen, then the words “no-bake” are probably intriguing ones to you! Never fear, Cravings of a Lunatic has you covered for delicious lemonade treats even if you don’t cook. Check out their mouthwatering pink lemonade cheesecake in individual cups!

13. Healthy pink raspberry lemonade bars

Healthy pink raspberry lemonade bars

Some people avoid dessert recipes that start with the word “healthy”, think that it means the dessert won’t be as good. We’re here to tell you that that’s definitely not the case with these raspberry lemonade bars from Desserts With Benefits! They’re still packed full of raspberry and lemonade flavour that you won’t be able to resist; the healthy part is just an added bonus!

14. Basil and strawberry lemonade granitas in a jar

Basil and strawberry lemonade granitas in a jar

Just in case none of the other cold recipes quite struck your fancy, we’ve got one more in store! This strawberry lemonade granitas also contains basil for an interesting flavour contrast that you won’t be able to resist. Granitas is also easy to make and very satisfying on hot summer days! Get the low down on Babble.

15. Strawberry lemonade cheesecake cookies

Strawberry lemonade cheesecake cookies

You read that right. Strawberry lemonade, cheesecake, and cookies, all in one place. We have Real House Moms to thank for this mouthwatering combination!

Do you know of another must-try lemonade recipe that we missed? Tell us all about it or link us to it in the comments section!

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