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Awesome Projects Made with Faux Fur

Now that fall is coming, we’re finding ourselves thinking about fun, fabulous ways to change our home decor over for colder weather. Most of the stores we frequent are following suit with the prices they offer, putting all of their coziest looking blankets, throw pillows, and rugs on display. The same thing happens in fashion; warm, soft pieces will be on the mannequins in no time! If you ask us, however, its more fun to make yourself cozy winter pieces than it is to buy them. So, what’s our favourite thing to work with when it comes to fall home and fashion DIY, you ask? Faux fur, of course! 

We prefer to work with faux for for plenty of reasons, so it’s a plus that most tutorials available use it too, since it behaved a little differently under the scissors and the sewing needle than the real thing might. Just in case you’re very into the idea of working with faux fur as well, here are 15 of the best tutorials we’ve come across for making yourself wonderfully warm faux fur pieces for fall!

1. Extra fluffy faux fur rug

Extra fluffy faux fur rug

Have you been striving to build a sort of rustic aesthetic in your home, but now you’re looking for winter pieces that will keep the place looking and feeling warm and cozy this winter specifically? We love the way a few faux fur rugs throughout our common areas breaks up the chilly expanses of wooden floor in a cold morning, but we also prefer when they look as authentic as possible even though we try not to work with real fur! That’s why we love this DIY faux fur rug tutorial from City Farmhouse. They show you not only how to cut the piece, but also how to give it some extra fluff by soaking it in hot coffee, rinsing it thoroughly, and putting it in the dryer to minimize that coarse faux texture.

2. Boxy snow leopard print coat

Boxy snow leopard print coat

Have you always loved the way a cropped bolero fur jacket looks in fashion magazines but you either can’t afford the designer prices of the real thing or you prefer to stay away from wearing real fur? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll love this faux fur tutorial from Cotton and Curls! Their surprisingly simple pattern teaches you how to measure the cost properly to your proportions so it’s slightly fitted without being too tight, but also has more of a blazer cut and doesn’t fit you like a long winter coat.

3. Soft faux fur vest

Soft faux fur vest

Do you love the idea of accessorizing and keeping warm by putting on a soft, cozy fur outer layer but the place you live in doesn’t quite get cold enough to warrant an entire fur coat with sleeves and a collar? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make yourself a slightly lighter fur jacket instead! If so, Sew Caroline has just the tutorial and pattern for you. They used a fur that’s slightly longer for a sort of Boho chic aesthetic.

4. DIY faux fur sneaker toppers

Diy faux fur sneaker toppers

Have you always admired kawaii fashion and been influenced by some of the more unique pieces, ideas, and accessories that are common within the style but that are still diverse and quite wearable any day? In that case, here’s a great way to jazz up your running shoes a bit! The Petite Cat guides you through the process of attaching a faux fur across the laces.

5. Rustic felt and faux fur clutch

Rustic felt and faux fur clutch

There are countless DIY clutches we could walk you through the process of making but, in case you couldn’t tell by now, we really are going through a faux fur phase, so naturally this one caught our eye in particular! Homemade by Monica teaches you how to draw the pattern, cut the pieces, and sew them perfectly into place in order to make an awesomely wilderness inspired felt and faux fur clutch that’s perfect for fall.

6. Fur strap high heels

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Are you totally digging the faux fur concept but your personal style is actually a little more glam and a little less rustic inspired? Then we have a feeling these faux fur embellished sandal pumps from YouLoveTani! Try attaching your fur just on the toes  like this picture or grab some extra and make the ankle straps match too.

7. Faux fur and studded leather jacket

Faux fur and studded leather jacket

If you’re going to work with a unique and eye catching fibre like faux fur, would you prefer to work make the piece you’re making as awesome as possible? Then check out how Wild Amor combined their soft, chunky faux fur material with a shoulder panel of faux leather to really amp things up! As if that’s not enough, they also added studs around the shoulders for maximum style.

8. Snowy faux fur tree skirt

Snowy faux fur tree skirt

Are you thinking really far ahead and already looking at winter DIY options that will suit your home during Christmas and still put your DIY skills to good has? In that case, you might enjoy making yourself this awesome faux fur tree skirt by Thrifty Parsonage Living. Besides looking like something you’d find in a cozy winter cottage, using a silky smooth white fur and letting it drape naturally will make it look like snow drifts beneath your Christmas tree!

9. Technicolour faux fur blanket

Technicolour faux fur blanket

The whole time we’ve been talking about how cozy faux fur can be, have you been thinking about how warm and comfortable it would be to just plain wrap yourself in it? Well, if you follow this soft lined faux fur blanket tutorial from Eye Candey, you can do just that! They show you how to make a beautifully colourful blanket that’s sure to brighten your day as it warms you up!

10. Comfy faux fur throw pillows

Comfy faux fur throw pillows

Now that we’ve got you thinking about comfy faux fur things that will keep you warm and well rested, how about some pillows to go with your blanket? These amazing throw pillows from Katie Kreizenbeck are made with great quality faux fur pieces that have a smooth texture rather than a coarse one, making them more pleasant to lay your head on. The pattern is simple and the tutorial maps the whole process out for you!

11. Faux fur upholstered bench

Faux fur upholstered bench

We’ve shown you plenty of temporary ways  to add faux fur to your home, but what if you love it so much, both for its aesthetic and its texture, that you’d rather make yourself a piece that’s a little more permanent? Then you should definitely check out this awesome faux fur upholstered bench by Dwellings by Devore! You’ll figure this one out no problem if you’ve upholstered furniture before, but just in case you haven’t, this page gives you a full tutorial specifically for working with fur.

12. Faux fur topped stool

Faux fur topped stool

Do you adore the idea of making yourself a more permanent faux fur furniture pieces but you live in a smaller apartment and you’re not sure you’ll have room for an entire furry bench? Then check out this furry bar stool alternative instead! We love the way it creatures a fun pop of visual texture and, while we love the look of the original white concept here, we also think it would look amazing in other bright colours! Check the whole idea out in more detail on Homedit.

13. Faux fur dog bed

Faux fur dog bed
If you’ve ever felt how warm and cozy nice faux fur is to curl up in on a cold day, then you won’t be surprised to hear that you and your human family members aren’t the only ones who would be pleased to have a soft place to nap this fall and winter! That’s why DIY Dog Mom has the whole awesome tutorial detailing how to make a comfortable faux fur dog bed for your four legged best friend.

14. Old fashioned faux fur collar

Old fashioned faux fur collar

Are you still thinking about the idea of incorporating faux fur into your sense of fashion this fall, but you’re not sure you’re up to the challenge of seeing a whole vest or jacketfrlm cratch? Then perhaps this old fashioned style faux fur collar would be a better project for you! Love City shows you how it’s done step by step so you can enjoy a bit of mock vintage style without paying authentic vintage fur prices.

15. Fur pom pom flats

Fur pom pom flats

We’re you intrigued by the idea of adding a touch of interesting faux fur to your shoes but you’re just not sure that the fur panel runners are for you and you know you won’t even wear plain pumps, let alone furry ones? Then try adding fur to one of your more versatile pairs of shoes instead! We love the way Homemade Banana created adorable little faux fur pom poms and affixed them to the toes of their flats. These are a great way to liven up your work outfit without getting too crazy!

Have you created other faux fur projects before that you had fun making and we’re very happy with but you don’t see anything similar to what you made on our list? Tell us all about your project or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!

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