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Awesome Projects Made with Faux Fur

Now that fall is coming, we’re finding ourselves thinking about fun, fabulous ways to change our home decor over for colder weather. Most of the stores we frequent are following suit with the prices they offer, putting all of their coziest looking blankets, throw pillows, and rugs on display. The same thing happens in fashion; warm, soft pieces will be on the mannequins in no time! If you ask us, however, its more fun to make yourself cozy winter pieces than it is to buy them. So, what’s our favourite thing to work with when it comes to fall home and fashion DIY, you ask? Faux fur, of course! 

We prefer to work with faux for for plenty of reasons, so it’s a plus that most tutorials available use it too, since it behaved a little differently under the scissors and the sewing needle than the real thing might. Just in case you’re very into the idea of working with faux fur as well, here are 15 of the best tutorials we’ve come across for making yourself wonderfully warm faux fur pieces for fall!

1. Extra fluffy faux fur rug

Extra fluffy faux fur rug

Have you been striving to build a sort of rustic aesthetic in your home, but now you’re looking for winter pieces that will keep the place looking and feeling warm and cozy this winter specifically? We love the way a few faux fur rugs throughout our common areas breaks up the chilly expanses of wooden floor in a cold morning, but we also prefer when they look as authentic as possible even though we try not to work with real fur! That’s why we love this DIY faux fur rug tutorial from City Farmhouse. They show you not only how to cut the piece, but also how to give it some extra fluff by soaking it in hot coffee, rinsing it thoroughly, and putting it in the dryer to minimize that coarse faux texture.

2. Boxy snow leopard print coat

Boxy snow leopard print coat

Have you always loved the way a cropped bolero fur jacket looks in fashion magazines but you either can’t afford the designer prices of the real thing or you prefer to stay away from wearing real fur? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll love this faux fur tutorial from Cotton and Curls! Their surprisingly simple pattern teaches you how to measure the cost properly to your proportions so it’s slightly fitted without being too tight, but also has more of a blazer cut and doesn’t fit you like a long winter coat.

3. Soft faux fur vest

Soft faux fur vest

Do you love the idea of accessorizing and keeping warm by putting on a soft, cozy fur outer layer but the place you live in doesn’t quite get cold enough to warrant an entire fur coat with sleeves and a collar? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make yourself a slightly lighter fur jacket instead! If so, Sew Caroline has just the tutorial and pattern for you. They used a fur that’s slightly longer for a sort of Boho chic aesthetic.

4. DIY faux fur sneaker toppers

Diy faux fur sneaker toppers

Have you always admired kawaii fashion and been influenced by some of the more unique pieces, ideas, and accessories that are common within the style but that are still diverse and quite wearable any day? In that case, here’s a great way to jazz up your running shoes a bit! The Petite Cat guides you through the process of attaching a faux fur across the laces.

5. Rustic felt and faux fur clutch

Rustic felt and faux fur clutch