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DIY Acrylic Nail Designs

We’ve always been huge fans of nail art. Ever since we were little kids, we’ve had a wide array of decals and nail stickers and a large collection of polishes that has always impressed our friends. We used to paint each finger a different colour, add sparkles, and create all kinds of simple image designs on our friends’ fingernails with toothpicks. Since then, we’ve advanced our love of nail design and we’ve also advanced our skills and the tools we own and use to create wonderfully attention grabbing manicures. Now, because we want the manicures to last and our real nails aren’t very strong, we often create our fanciest designs on acrylic nails that we can glue to our real ones and then either maintain or remove after a night out, as you see fit. We also find that wearing acrylic nails stops us from biting our real ones!

You can certainly buy premade acrylic sets or get gel acrylics done at any clean, good quality salon, but where’s the fun in spend more money when you could save a few dollars and make your own? We love having the power to customize what we wear according to colour and design ourselves! Just in case you’re on that same page, here are 15 awesome DIY acrylic nail tutorials and inspirations that we’ve actually modeled our own manicures after before and adored the final results.

1. Basic almond shaped French manicure

Basic almond shaped french manicure

Just because you’re working with acrylic nails that have the potential to be coloured, bedazzled, and generally embellished doesn’t mean you have to create a bright, complicated look. Some people just want their fingers to look as though they’ve grown healthy, strong natural nails in the shape they prefer. Rounded and squared off nails are nice, but if you as us, the nail shape that’s the most fun to wear is the almond, or even the more pointed stiletto. That way, if you’re keeping the design to a lovely neutral French manicure, the shape still injects a bit of style to the look, particularly since almond nails are all the rage right now. ayeeDreamer guides you through the process of shaping a set like the ones you see above.

2. Sparkles, lace, and rhinestones

Sparkles, lace, and rhinestones

Is your personal style a little bit more flashy and you’d actually prefer something even more trendy than the almond or stiletto nails we showed you above? In that case, maybe coffin end nails are more your style when it comes to shape! The beginning process of creating this kind of manicure is much the same as the previous tutorial showed you, only you’ll cut the tip off bluntly at the end. Then consider adding some sparkled, lace decals, and rhinestones, just like Nail Season did here! We can’t get over how awesomely eye catching this look is.

3. Subtle white to nude ombre

Subtle white to nude ombre

Do you love the idea of giving yourself a natural manicure like the French one we showed you first on this list, but you’ve actually never really been a fan of the way the white tip has a solid line that delineates it from the rest of the manicure in the French style? Well, Easy Nail Tutorials is here to show you how to create a similarly pretty neutral effect but with a softer finish! They’ve let their ombre fade down from the tips into their neutral pink in a subtle, beautiful way.

4. Pink with gemstone stiletto nails

Pink with gemstone stiletto nails

Perhaps you’re totally sold on the idea of making yourself a stiletto nail shape but you’d rather create something a little flashier than the classic French manicure paint job we showed you on the previous ones? In that case, pink lovers will adore this brightly painted and rhinestoned set from ayeeDreamer! We love the way they created an accent nail that stands out in not just one but two ways, by painting it a darker pink and also adding a couple gems. We think the basic concept of this style would look pretty cute no matter what colour you choose to work with!