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15 DIY Projects Made from Matchsticks

Crafting things from unconventional materials is one of my very favourite things to do. Whether the project I’m making is decorative, practical, or even just for fun in its final product, I usually have more fun making things if the materials I’m using are ones that people wouldn’t necessarily think to transform into something else. My most recent unconventional crafting obsession? Matchsticks!

Check out these 15 adorable, creative, and impressive matchstick crafts that will make your friends admire your dedication to DIY and your attention to detail as soon as your project is done.

1. Mini matchstick arrows

Mini matchstick arrows

These adorable little arrows are a great idea for Valentine’s Day. Whether you use them as decor hanging around the room on fishing line like Cupid is shooting arrows at all your visitors, or as trinkets attached to the Valentines you made for all your loved ones, people will love the detail that goes into something so tiny. See how they’re made on Evie S.!

2. Matchstick jar favour

Matchstick jar favour

Wedding and party favours can be hard to think of, but I find that people are very into the idea of miniatures right now. Whether it’s something they’ll use, eat, or wear, tiny versions of things are just very trendy right now! That’s why I really like this mini matchstick bottle idea from All Sorts of Pretty! People can always use matches in an emergency and this look adorable in this little corked jar. Just remember to glue a strip of the strike pad to the top so people can actually use them!

3. Ornate matchstick star

Ornate matchstick star

Do you find that you do better in other areas of your life when you have something detailed but relaxing to concentrate on in your down time? I have a lot of nervous energy, so I like to always be working on something that I can do in increments while I watch TV or wait for my dinner to cook. When I saw this pictures of a matchstick star on Lowes, I thought it was the perfect project for just that! I’m obsessed with the way the ends of each match have been lit and allowed to burn just enough for a dark finish around the edge.

4. Mini matchstick house

Mini matchstick house

Did you love the idea of making pure art from matchsticks in a beautiful, detailed way? Perhaps you like the star design but you’re actually more a fan of making models? Well, iCreative Ideas shows you how you can actually do both. This adorable little matchstick house takes time and effort but the final product is impressive and unique.

5. Matchstick coasters

Matchstick coasters

Did you love the way the matchstick star used partially burned matches to incorporate a bit of pattern and visual appeal into the project, but you’re not sure you’re up to the challenge of building an entire multi-layered star? Try this simpler coaster idea from Free People instead. You could create any pattern you like by burning partial or whole matches, just like in this tutorial.

6. 3D matchstick wall art

3d matchstick wall art

Perhaps you’re a fan of pretty matchstick art, but you’d rather stand the sticks on end to get a little bit of visual texture? Felicia Lu completely agrees! I’m in love with this short and sweet inspirational quote design that hands like framed art but is actually a 3D visual experience from any angle.

7. Mini matchstick vase

Mini matchstick vase

Do you love the idea of having greenery in your home but you have allergies or don’t have the time to care for plants? Faux plants will work well, but I personally like to jazz up my plants a little more if they’re faux by putting them in very decorative pots and vases. Matchsticks are a great tool for this too! Check out how this Pinterest user built a little vase that looks like a basket by building up the sticks in overlapping layers.

8. Matchstick candle lamps

Matchstick candle lamps

Do you like the idea of the basket made of overlapping layers, but you don’t really need a miniature vase? Try making a candle holder instead! It might sound risky to light a candle inside a case made of unburned matches, and it can be if you’re not careful, but this tutorial from Viral Girly shows you how to do it safely.

9. Matchstick vanity tray

Matchstick vanity tray

Are you a big fan of things that are kitschy and unique? I am too, so imagine my excitement when I discovered this neat craft in my search for matchstick projects! Rampages shows you how to embed actual matchsticks in resin, scattered or in rows like this, along the bottom of a tray in order to make an awesomely weird jewelry surface where your rings and things can sit while you sleep or shower.

10. Matchstick cookies

Matchstick cookies

Perhaps you’re impressed by the novelty of some of these crafts, but your real interest actually lies in cool baking ideas? Then combine the two! These hilarious little matchstick cookies from Pinterest are quire easy to make and they’ll look especially cute if you package them up in a sliding box so they look like a pack of matches before you take them to a party or event.

11. Matchstick clock

Matchstick clock

Did you build a few other things with your matchsticks and now you just can’t get enough? Well, if you’re ready for a real challenge, try building an entire clock, just like this one from Praktic Ideas! I love the way a light wooden base looks with matches laid carefully and neatly over top in shaped rings that let the coloured tip of the matches stand out like fun detail.

12. Matchstick teacup and saucer

Matchstick teacup and saucer

Design Drizzle guides you through the process of making another 3D model, but instead of a miniature house, you’ll see the details for building this adorable teacup and saucer design! This particular cup is made entirely from matchsticks, but if you wanted to build one before you’re quite so skilled at constructing things from unconventional materials, you could also use an old teacup and saucer as a base and cover their surfaces with the sticks instead.

13. Matchstick Christmas ornament

Matchstick christmas ornament

Do you love decorating your Christmas tree with all kinds of kooky and DIY ornaments and trinkets each year? I’m the same way, and I definitely don’t follow a cohesive theme. My rule is that if it’s a neat concept and I like how it looks, I’ll make it and hang it up! I’m sure you can guess, then, that I was totally down when I found this cute “sunburst” style matchstick ornament on Guru Koala. Grab a foam ball from the dollar or craft store and stick the blunt end of the matches in it all across the surface so the bright ends “burst” outward.

14. Matchstick flowers

Matchstick flowers

Some people who craft with matchsticks actually like to use them just as simple little wooden sticks rather than as matches. They cut the striking end off and just use the part that you’d hold onto if you were to actually strike the match. This adorable matchstick flower idea from Craft 4 Less is a great example and it’s also kid friendly in a way that doesn’t encourage dangerous habits like playing with matches.

15. Matchstick candle

Matchstick candle

Are you about to celebrate a big wedding anniversary or birthday? Lighting candles in the shape of the number of years you’re celebrating is always fun, but not everyone likes or can partake in cake. Instead, A Subtle Revelry suggests keeping the fun, fiery part of things but using vertically stood matches instead of cake candles to set the number alight.

Have you made other unique and creative matchstick crafts before that you don’t see on our list, but that you’d definitely recommend to others? Tell us about how you made them in the comments section or link us to pictures of your work!

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