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Great DIY Projects for Gymnasts

Has your child just started gymnastics lessons and now it’s all they can talk about or think about? We remember when we first started and all we did was somersault around the house and try to walk across the stair bannister like a balance beam, much to our parents’ chagrin. Like most sports and activities, however, gymnastics is a great chance for themed crafts and fun DIY projects that you can make either with or for your kids!

Check out these 15 awesome projects that your little gymnasts won’t be able to get enough of.

1. Barbie gymnastics “leotard”

Barbie gymnastics leotard

Does your daughter have an absolute favourite leotard that she loves to wear to every single class, and sometimes around the house just for fun too? Try making her a Barbie doll with a precisely matching leotard too, just like this one by Gym Gab! Paint the same pattern as your child’s bodysuit right onto the Barbie’s body and the two can match like a team while they tumble around the house.

2. DIY gymnastics grip bag

Diy gymnastics grip bag

Sure, you could buy a bag for your child to put their bar grips in, but handmade ones are totally customizable and they make such nice gifts! Let your kids pick out a fun fabric they like and follow the steps on MessMeliss to create a cute little drawstring tote so their grips stay together at all times and are less likely to get lost.

3. DIY practice balance beam

Diy practice balance beam

Have your kids been practicing their balance on the furniture, trying to use the back of the couch as a balance beam? Maybe it’s time to make them a practice beam in the back yard, nice and low to the ground and away from any walls in case they lose their footing and fall. This one by My Little Me is surprisingly easy and affordable to make!

4. DIY doll beams

Diy doll beams

Perhaps your child’s favourite doll already has a gymnastics leotard of her own, but not other equipment to “practice” on? Rather than having the kids bounce their dolls all over the house, using the curtain rod as a grip bar and so on, try making them a set of doll sized bars and beams, just like these ones by Two it Yourself!

5. DIY gymnastics medal display

Diy gymnastics medal display

Has your child been in gymnastics for several years and already won a boat load of medals and awards? Rather than stacking such nice things in a box or hanging them from doorknobs until there are so many they start falling off, why not help them display their achievements properly? We love this idea from Kevin Gittemeier of using of using curtain rods with cute decorative ends to hang the medals in their own display on the wall.

6. DIY rhythmic gymnastics ribbon

Diy rhythmic gymnastics ribbon

Does your child do gymnastics but they really want to advance to rhythmic, using a ribbon in their floor routines like the older girls at their gym? Give them a head start in practicing for their future lessons by making them a cute homemade rhythmic ribbon like these ones from DIYfo!

7. DIY gymnastics leotard

Diy gymnastics leotard

If you ask us, the ultimate gymnastics related DIY would be to learn how to sew your own leotards. That’s exactly what Made by Toya is here to help you with! Once you’ve got the basic technique down, you can alter the pattern a little and play with fabric choices to make all kinds of fun designs.

8. Paper doll gymnast

Paper doll gymnast

Are you looking for a simple themed craft for your kids on a rainy afternoon? Print out pictures of them, then grab some scissors and some brad clips. You’ll have everything they need to make these jointed paper dolls by Fun Family Crafts that bend and stretch like real gymnasts! Bonus points for sparkly leotards.

9. Paper plate Olympic rings

Paper plate olympic rings

Does your family always binge watch the Olympics together, concentrating especially on the gymnastics category of the event? Help your kids celebrate and aspire to be just like the gymnasts they see on TV by making their own set of Olympic rings! All you need are scissors, paper plates, and markers or paint. See the rest of the details on Learn, Create, Love.

10. Gymnast pin and embroidery thread art

Gymnast pin and embroidary thread art

By now, you’re probably familiar with how threaded in art is done because it’s become so wonderfully trendy (and we’re not even a little bit mad about that)! Why not make a beautiful threaded gymnastics mural as a thoughtful gift for the gymnast in your life? If you make it on a canvas they can hang it on their bedroom wall. Check this one out on Pinterest.

11. Gymnast paper chain

Gymnast paper chain

Nothing keeps little kids busy like paper, scissors, and markers, especially if the craft at hand relates to their other favourite activity. Once you’ve shown them how to make these adorable little paper chain dolls by C.R.A.F.T. we’ll bet you’ll be finding them all over your house!

12. Gymnast silhouette crayon art

Gymnast silhouette crayon art

Do you love crafts that combine all the things you love? Then your kids probably do too! This particular idea from Pinterest lets them craft with crayons, paint silhouettes, and even melt things into dripping rainbows. If that’s not a blast for one afternoon, we don’t know what is!

13. Popsicle stick gymnast ornament

Popsicle stick gymnast ornament

Do your kids love making ornaments all year round, whether they’re meant to hang on the Christmas tree or just hang as regular decor in their bedrooms? Then they’ll probably have a lot of fun making this little gymnastics doll from popsicle sticks, especially since there’s glitter involved! We love the idea of a pip cleaner ponytail. Check out the details on 4 Crazy Kings.

14. DIY gymnastics ice pack

Diy gymnastics ice pack

Sometimes the best DIY projects are the ones that might come in very real handy someday. Every parent of a gymnast knows that it’s a risky sport, even if it’s beautiful and fun. No one likes to think of injury, but it’s good to be prepared, so consider making a little DIY ice pack like this one from Minieco. It’s surprisingly easy to do!

15. Elastic loom gymnast

Elastic loom gymnast

Are your kids completely obsessed with their tiny elastic looms like most kids have been lately? Then they’ve probably been weaving all kinds of fun shapes and things related to other stuff the enjoy, and gymnastics doesn’t have to be an exception to that! Parents.com has a loom pattern for you to make this excited little gymnast in just as much detail as the picture.

Do you know someone who has crafty little gymnasts in their home and could definitely spend hours working their way through this fun list of crafts together? Share this post with them for some creative inspiration!

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