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Crafts Made with Paper Cups

When it comes to crafting with our kids, some of the best ideas that they enjoy the most are actually made from the simplest things. Of course, they’re kids with wild imaginations, so the more unconventional those simple crafting “tools” are, the better. Lately, they’ve been inexplicably obsessed with making things out of paper cups and we’re more than happy to oblige them since those are affordable and totally fun to work with.

Just in case you think your kids would enjoy crafting with paper cups too but you’re in need of a few ideas to help them get started, here are 15 awesome DIY ideas that will transform your simple cups into all kinds of things!

1. Pretty washi tape paper cups

Pretty washi tape paper cups

Perhaps you’re just looking for a very simple idea that will keep the kids amused even just for a few moments at a slumber party? We always find that quick activities help them stay busy but accommodate the short attention spans they tend to have when they get excited. For example, check out how Madame Bon Bon used fun coloured and patterned washi tape to decorate paper cups and consider having your kids make cups like this of their own so everyone can tell their drinks apart during a movie and snacks.

2. Paper cup gift boxes

Paper cup gift boxes

Are you a big fan of making your friends little gifts and trinkets on special occasions, but you always find things with lots of small parts or very small things more difficult to wrap effectively while still looking cute? In that case, you’re going to love the way Papermash wrapped their gifts in a paper cup so that everything stays all together at once! Of course, you still want things to look cute and be fun to open, so check out how they used twisted patterned paper and ribbons or strings to give the whole thing some decorative element.

3. Paper cup advent calendar

Paper cup advent calendar

Do you like the idea of filling paper cups with little gifts or trinkets but you’d rather make a bit of a game out of it with your kids, instead of just giving them something one time? In that case, pick something they’ll enjoy making and opening… every single day! This DIY advent calendar by Pretty Little Party Shop is made from decorated paper cups hung upside down, with chocolates placed inside and covered over. Number the cups, hang them up, and let your kids open one every day in order to count down to an exciting special occasion.

4. Paper coffee cup cutlery holder

Paper coffee cup cutlery holder

Do the paper cups you usually encounter come primarily from Starbucks or another favourite coffee shop of yours? Well, don’t worry at all, because those are absolutely still useful! In fact, because they’re bigger, Why All The Fuss actually finds them more useful in certain ways. Check out this tutorial for turning a large paper cup into a simply decorated disposable cutlery holder that’s perfect for a party where you’d prefer a quick clean up with few dishes.