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25 Princess Crowns DIYs for You and Your Little Crafter

Whether it’s a rainy day, summertime activity or getting ready for a themed birthday party full of fun, creating your very own princess crown could very well be a highlight for a little crafter. Jewels, glitter and all of the imagination in the world can come together to create something fun and memorable for your little girl.

Let’s have a peek at 25 ways to do it with different materials and different designs!

1. Glitzy.

Glitter Princess Crown DIY

There’s so much to love within this princess design. Glitter and jewels; there’s not much more needed when it comes to royal accessories. {found on Youtube}

2. Tiny Lace.

Lace Crown DIY

These tiny little cuties are perfect for smaller princesses or even used as party favors! Attached them to clips or even headbands to make them easier to wear. {found on Hostess with the Mostess}

3. Watercolor.

Watercolor Flower Crown

Get really crafty with a paintbrush. This provides an even more fairy-tale like feel and imagination for the little ones. {found on Oh Happy Day}

4. Snowflakes.

DIY Snowflake Crown

Winter celebrations or a Snow Queen-to-be, whatever the case, this snowflake beauty will sure be fun to make. Grab the glitter, you’ll need it for this one!{Found on Grey Luster Girl}

5. Pipe Cleaners.

Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners can be used for some many crafts and projects, from afternoon fun to school assignments. And even, princess crowns with pom-pom accents. {found on Eye Power Kids}

6. Felt & Lace.

Felt and Lace Crown

Everything about this design is whimsical and fun. Felt and lace come together to create such a sweet accent to your little girl’s dress up or birthday party! {found on Lia Griffith}

7. Headband.

Headband Crown

You’ll need a headband for this bit of magic to work out. But that’s okay, in the end, it’ll be easier to wear and less mess with the put-together portion. {found on Sunshine Shoppe Supply}

8. Flower.

Floral Crown

Not all princesses wears crowns with jewels or glitter, instead, they like to adorn their hair with flowers and other natural things. And this one surely fits within the garden theme.{found on DIY Mommy}

9. Itty Bitty.

Itty Bitty

This tiny little number was made from lace and some bright colors and a dash of glitter. How adorable would this be for a newborn photo shoot?{found on Munchkin Time}

10. Fresh.

DIY Fresh Flower Party Crowns

A crown for everyone at the party, this piece was made with some watercolor paints and fresh flowers. It’s quite special and perfectly festive for any celebration. {found on Studio DIY}

11. Elsa.

Simple Felt Crown

Every little girl around loves Elsa and Anna. And this crown is inspired by the snow queen herself! Grab some felt, you’ll need it as its foundation. {found on Crafts Unleashed}

12. Wire.

Wire Crown

If you’re a veteran crafter, you may be more inclined to try this project out. Made from wire, you’ll have a super chic, modern design on your hands to play with. {found on Cafe Craftea}

13. Simple.

Pipe Cleaner Princess Crown

Here’s another adorable example of how simple and sweet a pipe cleaner crown can be. {found on One Charming Party}

14. Paper.

Paper Crown

Can you believe this crown was made from paper? This is a DIY you won’t want to miss, it’s quite the beauty and adult can use it too! (found on Lia Griffith}

15. Aurora.

Aurora Crown

If the little girl in your life loves Sleeping Beauty, you can create a plethora of Aurora crown just by using its simple pattern. Just look at these patterned cuties. {found on We Talk Of}

16. Fairy.

Fairy Crown

There are fairy princesses too and those crowns can be just as fun to make and imagine with. Just grab some ribbon and get to work! {found on Simple Suzanne’s}

17. Tissue Paper.

Tissue Paper

Can you believe this beauty was made from tissue paper? Follow this tutorial to learn how to create a magical piece that tops off your little princess. {found on Little Inspiration}

18. Embellished.

Embellished Crown

We’re in love with these paper crowns because of the originality and personalization that goes along with them. Pom-poms, markers and wash tape, it’s quite the fun ride! {found at The House that Lars Built}

19. Hat.

Hat Crown

Here’s a classic princess hat that will have your own princess feeling like she’s been plucked right from the storybook! Pick your color and follow the tutorial. {found at Sun Scholars}

20. Personalized.

DIY personalized crowns for a princess birthday party

Why not make a crown for everyone at the party? It’s really amazing how much you can do with a simple piece of paper, including personalize! {found on Merriment Design}

21. Crochet.

Knitted Crown

If you can crochet, then this DIY was made for you. Follow the patterns and create this adorable accessory for your baby’s first photo shoot. {found on Raverly}

22. Snow White.

Snow White

Of course you can also create crowns inspired by your favorite princesses. Just look at this gorgeous design made from the idea of Snow White and her gorgeous colors. {found on Get Away Today}

23. Glitter.

Glitter Crown

Although these pieces were made for home accessorizing. But, attach them to a clip or a headband and you’ve got a new, tiny glitter piece for your tiny princess. {found on Elegant Nest}

24. Jewels.

Jewels Crown

Just look at what some poster board and plastic jewels can do for your next big celebration. Whether its your or your little girl, you’ll have a ton of fan dawning this piece. {found on Design Love Fest}

25. Larger Lace.

Larger Lace crown

Just like the little lace crown above, here’s a tutorial that’s made with a bigger design in mind. We love its classic detail, don’t you? {found on Girl Inspired}

  1. Thank you so much Grace Lynne for including our purple lace crown from Munchkin Time Blog we are so honored! All of these 25 princess crowns look so beautiful, I just love how # 17 looks like, I can’t believe it was made out of tissue paper!

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