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20 of the Most Perfect DIY Gifts For The Pregnant Women In Your Life

Women go through so much during pregnancy. There are highs, there are lows, there’s lots of waiting, anxiousness, scary moments and more. And it’s the perfect opportunity to give those women you love something extra special during this rollercoaster of a time. And here are 25 of the most perfect DIY gifts for the pregnant women in your life.

1. Pregnancy Care Kit

Pregnancy care kit diy gift

Todayi has one of the best and easiest to whip up ideas on the list. This pregnancy care kit will have the new mom-to-be ready for anything that comes her way!

2. Two-Seam Maternity Dress

Two seam dress styled

Surprise her with a handmade dress that’s both comfortable and perfect for gliding over a growing belly. DIY Maternity has all the details.

3. Ruffle Belly Band

Ruffled belly band diy

See Kate Sew makes a ruffled belly band that’s just too adorable. Make her one of these and allow her clothes to fit better while making her more comfortable and stylish.

4. Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy journal diy

Head on over to Somewhat Simple and grab some inspiration for this pregnancy journal DIY. Gift this to the new mommy and have her record her experiences.

5. Nurse Thank You’s

Nurse thank you bags diy