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20 DIY Poncho Patterns To Get Hooked On This Fall

Fluff your fall wardrobe in an instant by creating some ponchos that you can throw on and go all season long. With minimal sewing or DIY skills, you can jazz up your autumnal clothes sooner than you think! Below you’ll find 20 DIY poncho patterns to get hooked on this fall!

1. Flannel

Flannel poncho tutorial

Andrea’s Notebook shows off how to make a classic flannel poncho. It’s comfortable and can be used all fall and winter long!

2. Blanket

Diy poncho

Check out Clossette and learn how to take a blanket and turn it into something you can wear. Who knew something that’s thrown on the bed could be so stylish?

3. No-Sew

Diy no sew poncho

She Knows has the tutorial for those without any sewing skills. If you’re looking for a quick way to make a poncho without grabbing the needle, check this out!

4. Baby

Diy poncho

Craftykins has something for the little ones. Learn how to make a stylish poncho for the tiniest family member in the house.

5. Easy

Diy poncho

And if you’re looking for something super easy, you’ll need to check out Mary Martha Mama. It’s an quick fix and quick stylish too if you want something to personalize.

6. Jacket

Diy poncho jacket

And for something a bit more unique, visit Plan B. Learn how to create a poncho jacket using some funky and fun prints!

7. Cape

Easy diy poncho

Pearls and Scissors has a DIY style that is an absolute must-have for fashionistas everywhere! Cinch it as the waist and stay warm and stylish all day!

8. Girl

Diy girls poncho

For the little girl of the house, you can gather over at Beckham + Belle to catch this super easy tutorial. She’ll look like a tiny lady and keep warm!

9. Audrey

Diy wrap cape in honor of design

In Honor of Design made an Audrey-inspired cape that we’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with. Grab the detail snow!

10. Fleece

Diy fleece poncho

If you’re looking for something extra warm and cozy, then you’ll need to check out Melly Sews. Learn how to turn fleece into a poncho!

11. Side-Button

Diy poncho

Sewing Rabbit has a super chic design hanging out on the blog. Grab the tutorial for this side button beauty now!

12. Funky

Sony dsc

Run on over to Salty Mom and take a peek at this tutorial! Learn how to create something a bit funkier and personal for yourself.

13. Circle

Circle poncho diy

The Sewing Rabbit has another adorable poncho DIY for the little ones. This circle design is so charming and a bit vintage-inspired.

14. Handmade

Diy cape poncho

A personal favorite of the bunch, this handmade cape from Merrick’s Art is also one of the more stylish of the list. We are loving the print choice and colors for fall!

15. Pom Pom

Diy pom pom poncho

My Fun Time made something with extra personality! Add some pom poms and use this tutorial for your afternoon of crafting and creating fashion!

16. Winter

Diy winter cape

Joann has something special for us too. Make a poncho for wintertime with this gorgeous big of inspiration and easy direction.

17. Pockets

Diy poncho

We’re loving this one with pockets! Featured on Handmade Kultur, we’re swooning over this design and how versatile it can be inside your wardrobe.

18. Sweater

Diy sweater poncho

Here’s a sweater poncho that we’re loving too. Grab the free print over at kollabora and start snuggling up for the season ahead!

19. Scarf

Diy scarf poncho

Sewing Rabbit did it again with this one! This scarf poncho is so stylish, so unique and can be dressed up or down for any day of the week.

20. Wool

Diy wool poncho

We’re swooning for this fringe, wool poncho for A Beautiful Mess. It’s fit for the fashion books and needs a space inside your closet.

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