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25 Beautiful Balayage Hairstyles

Balayage is the hot new way to color hair… and it is quickly becoming the most popular treatment at salons. And with good reason – it is painted on rather than using traditional foil, so it looks much more natural and prevents harsh growth lines. Here are 25 of our favorite balayage styles to inspire you.

1. Light Brown Balayage

Light brown balayage hairstyle

This first style is a medium toned balayage style which ranges from dark brown at the roots to light brown (almost blonde) at the bottom. And the loose, beachy waves add a lovely texture that helps to show off the balayage look. Found over at The Right Hairstyle.

2. Bright Blonde Balayage

Drastic brown to blond balayage hairstyle

This hairstyle is much lighter than the first, beginning with a dirty blonde color at the top and gradually transitioning into a super bright blonde color at the bottom. This would work well for anyone with naturally lighter hair. This look was found here.

3. Brown Black Balayage

Black and brown balayage hairstyle

Here we have a super dark version of balayage. The almost black hair fades gracefully down to a warm brown color, almost verging on an auburn hue. The deep colors would be very flattering on anyone with a darker complexion. Found over on Instagram.

4. Blonde Bob

Blond bob balayage hairstyle

Balayage is a great way to color straight hair as well. Here, a short blonde bob style is elevated by a beautiful balayage application. The roots are similar to her eyebrow color, while the blonde gradually gets brighter toward the bottom. Found at Stay Glam.

5. Balayage Before and After

Brown and honey balayage hairstyle