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15 Fabulous & Fun Playhouse DIYs To Conquer For the Kids

Are you looking for a fun project to dive into with for your kiddos? Are you looking for a way to put a personal touch on your little ones’ everyday playtime? Well, instead of shelling out hundreds on expensive toys, create a play where they can enjoy time expanding their imaginations. Below you’ll find 15 fabulous and fun playhouse DIYs to conquer for the kids and fine-tune your crafting skills as well.

1. Camper

Diy cardboard camper playhous

The Merrythought made this camper out of cardboard and we’re absolutely swooning for the finished project. This is a great project for those that are looking to make an indoor play area. And you can easily personalize the style by changing out the colors to match your kiddo’s personal tastes.

2. Army Tent

Army tent diy playhouse

An army tent could be a fun (and low stress) project to dive into. It works perfect as a place that your little ones can go to read and relax or use as a mainstay in their imaginative play with others. Check it out at Beckham and Belle.

3. No-Sew Teepee

No sew teepee diy

Don’t worry, you can create this gorgeous, fabric teepee and still not have any sewing skills up your sleeve! How? Well, it’s a completely no-sew project that we’ve plucked from the innovative minds at The Handmade Home. Take the leap and check it out now!

4. A-Frame

Diy a frame play house

We’re absolutely in love with this quirky, A-frame playhouse found at at home with Ashley. It’s quaint and small, so it’s a great addition to a backyard that doesn’t have too much space to spare. It’s also a great design for those that are drawn to a modern feel.

5. Hobbit Hole

Diy hobbit hole playhouse

How could you not love this Hobbit Hole from Hallmark Channel? If you want to dive into a more challenging, but completely worth-it, playhouse project for the kids, you’ve found your match. Build this from the ground up and don’t forget any one of the magical details.

6. Closet

Indoor closet playhouse diy

Turn the kids’ closets into an extra space of playtime. Keep the clothes up and the floor ready for playtime. Building this space on the outside of a closet helps to maximize every square inch of the home. Grab the details at All Things Heart and Home.

7. Upcycled

Diy upcycled playhouse

All of the wood used to built this pallet structure was recycled pieces. And we love that idea! It’s a quirky and eco-friendly way to give your little ones something special for outside time. Snag the blueprints at Instructables.

8. Converted Bus

The converted micro bus playhouse plan

Instructables also has a tutorial for how to take a micro bus and turn it into a playhouse for the kiddos. This one may not be as easy to conquer – considering you’ll need the bus to begin with – but we do believe that it sparks a lot of great idea that you can make happen in your own home.

9. Card Table Top

Diy card table playhouse

With a bit of direction from Empty Bobbin Sewing, you can turn a card table into a playhouse in no time. You’ll need a bit of sewing skills to accomplish this one but nothing far too difficult. And it’s an easy clean-up too!

10. Pirate Ship

5 pirate ship playhouse

Kate’s Creative Space went with a pirate ship theme that we’re really loving as well. This is a great example of house our play”houses” can actually be much more than just a home. You can get really creative with their creation.

11. Minimalist

Diy minimalist playhouse

This design from The Garden Glove is one of the most popular throughout the blogosphere. If you’re into minimalistic style, go with this easy-to-recreate setup. What’s great is you can easily add a pop of color to the walls – both inside and outside – to your little one’s liking.

12. She Shed

Diy she shed

This “she shed” is mighty fine as well. We found a collection of these beauties while perusing Country Living and they’ll also walk you through the steps of creating your own. There are quite of few intricacies to master, but they’re most definitely worth the finished product.

13. Blanket Fort

Diy blanket fort

Sometimes all you need are a few cozy blankets to prepare your playtime. And at Brit + Co, you’ll learn how to make the most perfect blanket or sheet fort around town. They’re great for reading nooks or for when sleepovers are on the horizon.

14. Rocketship

Diy rocket playhouse

Kate’s Creative Space has so many wonderful ideas up her sleeve including this rocket ship playhouse. Similar to the pirate ship design above, this piece reminds us of the creativity you can use when creating something extra special for your kiddos to enjoy. And what kiddo wouldn’t want a rocket ship?

15. Collapsible

Collaspible playhouse diy

And finally, this beauty and the instructions to bring it to life can be found at A Beautiful Mess. What’s so special about this DIY isn’t just the attention to detail but the fact that it’s collapsible. So when playtime ends, this can be carted back into the garage and be kept safe from weather damage.

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