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DIY Coffee Mugs for Your Morning Java

We love coffee but, perhaps even more than that, we love coffee mugs. There are so many hilarious, novelty, and rather pretty mug designs out there that we feel like we have to get our hands on as many interesting designs as we can. Even better than being able to buy ourselves awesome mugs, however, is the fact that we can make them for ourselves as well!

Check out these 15 awesome, stylish, and super fun DIY coffee mug projects that you can make at home!

1. DIY black sharpie mugs

Diy black sharpie mugs

Do you want to design a mug for a friend that’s very custom and based on an inside joke, so it’s not something you’ll find in stores? Maybe you’re just very keen on the idea of hand designing your own pattern because you’re very good at drawing and love doing it by hand? Then sharpie mugs are the perfect DIY mug for you! Find out how they’re done on Living Well, Spending Less!

2. Hand painted quote mugs

Hand painted quote mugs

Do you like the idea of hand drawn mugs but your skills actually lie in painting rather than drawing? Perhaps you’re more confident at careful lettering than you are when it comes to images and patterns. Don’t worry, these are things you can easily do on a mug as well! The Colbert Plan guides you through the process of creating custom quotes on the surface of a simple, affordable coffee mug.

3. Brightly coloured paint sharpie mugs

Brightly coloured paint sharpie mugs

Regular Sharpie mugs are an awesome idea and doing them in the common black and white style can be beautiful, but maybe your tastes are a little brighter than that? Then follow in Popsugar‘s lead and try making your design in awesome colours instead! They used colourful paint markers to draw their designs, making each line a little more intense and giving it a lot of “pop”.

4. Pointillism monogram coffee mug

Pointillism coffee mug

Have you always loved custom monogram things, but you’re looking for a way to do it on a mug that’s a little more unique and eye catching? Well, there are lots of ways to do that, but one of our very favourite designs is this stunning pointillism mug by Carly7xoxo! They used two different colours, black and silver, to give the patter depth but you could use any colour combination you please if you want something a little brighter.