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40 Naan Bread Pizza Recipes To Top Off The Weekend Bread

Take pizza night to an entirely different level with the addition of naan into the recipe. Personalized and innovative, these dishes are the perfect way to celebrate girl’s nights, movie nights or sleepovers with the kids. Check out these 40 naan bread pizza recipes and top off the weekend right.

1. Turkey Curry

Turkey curry naan pizza

Jittery Cook made some naan bread pizza with a bout of ground turkey and curry. Strong flavors but a lot of good and healthy ingredients, you’ll definitely be satisfied after a meal made of this. Go more or less on the curry – it’s up to you and your taste buds.

2. Pesto with Pancetta and Tomato

Pesto and pancetta naan pizza

Here’s another naan bread bite that’s filled with lots of flavors. Tomatoes, pancetta and pesto too, there are so many great ingredients on top of this one. Grab all the details and the rest of the flavors over at  Bohemian Cottage.

3. Chicken Ranch

Chicken ranch naan pizza 2

Eclectic Recipes created a chicken ranch naan bread pizza that will delight the taste buds of lots and lots of friends and family. A bit of avocado could top this one off quite nicely but we will take those tomatoes and chives too. The kiddos will even try this one.

4. BBQ Chicken

Easy bbq chicken naan pizza

Bowl of Delicious served up a slice filled with BBQ chicken! This is another one that will take the family by storm with lots of happy taste buds. Serve it up with a side salad or cut it up small for an appetizer that starts the dinner party off right.

5. Breakfast

Naan bread breakfast pizza