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15 Outdoor Kitchen Designs That You Can Help DIY

If you have the space to create it, why not help out a bit? Today, we’re providing your with some backyard inspiration. These 15 outdoor kitchen designs are DIY-friendly. Whether it’s the entire setup or just a piece, you can help make your own slice of heaven right outside your backdoor. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

1. The Perfect Barbeque

The perfect bbq diy

Instructables  starts us off with this snazzy, makeshift BBQ center. You can follow along and learn how to get handy and make it yourself – right at home, for your home. Add wheels to make it easily movable around the patio and into the garage before winter hits.

2. A Stone Setup

Diy outdoor kitchen

This Old House went with a stone setup that we love. If you’re looking to add some modern, organic beauty to the backyard, this is definitely the way to go. We love the inside storage as well.

3. Fire Oven

Diy outdoor pizza oven

The Cow Spot walks us through their made-at-home fire oven. And, yes, it works for all of your pizza-loving needs! Check out how to make one for yourself after the jump over.

4. Customizable Modular System

Diy modular outdoor kitchen

If you want something chic and organized, check out Tree Hugger and learn about this modular, customizable outdoor system. Mix and match, and create something that fits your specifications perfectly.

5. Refrigerated Drawers

Outdoor refrigerated drawers