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25 Ombré Hair Tutorials

The ombré hair trend is still going strong, and now people are becoming more and more experimental with different colors and unique combinations. So today we’re sharing 25 of our very favorite ombré hair looks along with helpful tips and tutorials.

1. Blue Ombré Hair

Turquoise and brown hair ombre hair tutorial

Brunettes can get in on the colored ombré bandwagon just as well as blondes can! Here, medium brown hair fades into a bright blue color at the tips. Make your way over to Dans Le Lakehouse to find out all about Tanya’s experience with dying her hair blue.

2. Brown and Blonde

Blonde black ombre hair tutorial

Here we have a great example of a dark brown hair color that is bleached blonde at the bottom for a super striking ombré hairstyle. And she also added some temporary pink dye which washed out after about a week. Head over here to read all about the process.

3. Hot Pink Ombré

Hot pink ombre hair tutorial

This look has a variety of different colors, from her natural blonde to a rusty orange to a bright magenta pink. The key to achieving this style is to apply the color haphazardly so that it affects some areas more than others check out the tutorial at Time For Tea. 

4. Mermaid Hair

Mermaid ombre hair tutorial

This super colorful style was created to be reminiscent of a mermaid, with saturated blue on the top half of the hair, transitioning into a bright aqua turquoise on the bottom section. Head over to Salons.gr to watch the video tutorial to find out more about this style.

5. Chalk Ombré

Hot pink hair chalk ombre hair tutorial