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17 Nutella-Inspired Dessert Recipes That Will Indulge All The Senses

There’s something really rich and warm and inviting and luxurious about a spoonful of that chocolatey-hazelnut spread we all know and love. Thankfully, there are chefs galore creating new ways to enjoy a bit of that deliciousness – and when it’s in the form of an after-dinner treat, the experience becomes even more special. These 17 Nutella-inspired desert recipes will indulge all the sense. Scroll through, don’t drool…

1. Coffee & Nutella Macarons

Coffee nutella macarons

Design Bake Run combined two of our favorite flavors into this sweet, airy – and slightly crisp bite. Coffee and Nutella run so smoothly together and will be the perfect ending to any dinner party. Learn how to whip these delicious treats up after the jump.

2. Nutella Brownies

Easy nutella brownies

Sallys Baking Addiction went with a classic dessert that has a fun twist. You really have lived until you’ve had a brownie infused with Nutella. It’s life-altering, trust us.

3. Salted Caramel & Nutella-Stuffed Double Chocolate Cookies

Nutella cookies with caramel

And then, if you hop on over to Top With Cinnamon, you’ll get a cookie recipe that will literally knock your socks off. Chocolate, salted caramel, and some Nutella too, these ingredients play so nicely together and in the most indulgent of ways. Snag the recipe now.

4. Nutella Strawberry Pizza

Nutella strawberry pizza

Dessert pizzas are so much fun to create. And when you have fresh berries and Nutella, there’s really no reason not to whip one up for the fam to enjoy. This beauty was concocted by the beauties at Oh, Sweet Basil!

5. Nutella Twist Pastries

Nutella twists