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DIY Mushroom House – How to Make a Mushroom House for Your Garden

It’s not just our house that needs decorating, but also our garden and any area around our home that we want to look pretty. So, what about a really cute mushroom house? We think this is an easy to make craft that you can even rope your kids into helping.

Mushroom House

You need only a few materials to make this and it’s going to turn out so pretty, you’ll want to make more so you can gift them to friends and family too.

Materials for a mushroom house

  • pot
  • acrylic paint – red, white, green, two shade of brown
  • decor mushrooms
  • decor wood flowers
  • decor wood butterfly
  • decor wood heart
  • paintbrush
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue gun

How to make a mushroom house

Creating your very own mushroom house is easy, but you do need to gather up all your materials ahead of time. This will help you save time when you’re in the middle of creating this beautiful craft as you won’t want to run around finding something you forgot. Let’s get started!

Mushroom house materials

Step 1: Paint the drainage plate

Every pot has a drainage plate, and every mushroom has a cap. For our craft, the plate will play the role of the mushroom’s cap. So, we want ours to be red. Let’s get painting!

Mushroom house steps (1)

Get the red acrylic paint and your paintbrush, pull the plate close, and turn it over. You want to paint the back of the plate with red all over, making sure to also apply color over the edge.

Mushroom house steps (2)

Step 2: Paint the pot

The pot also needs a little bit of color, so get the white acrylic paint and your paintbrush and start applying the color. We don’t advise you to water down the color as it will make it harder to cover the pot. Plus, acrylic paint spreads pretty well and dries quickly.

Mushroom house steps (3)

You’ll want to apply color all over the pot, including the top and sides. Make sure you cover everything. If you feel like the white didn’t quite make the pot white enough, you can always go for a second layer.

Mushroom house steps (4)

Step 3: Draw the white spots on the mushroom cap

Next, you want to get your pencil and draw a few circles over the red cap of the mushroom. Add some of these on the top of the plate, as well as on the sides.

Mushroom house steps (5)

Mushroom house steps (6)

If you look close enough, you’ll see how we drew in the circles for our design and you can do the same.

Mushroom house steps (7)

Step 4: Paint the mushroom cap

Now that you’re done drawing, it’s time you fill in the spots. Get thewhite acrylic paint and yourpaintbrush and start filling in the circles as best you can. You’ll want to try to make them all as round as possible, but there’s no drama if they’re not exactly perfect. After all, nature isn’t symmetrical either.

Mushroom house steps (8)

Make sure you don’t forget any of the spots on the mushroom cap and cover everything, even on the sides of the drainage plate.

Mushroom house steps (9)

Step 5: Draw the house elements

Next, you need to start drawing elements on the house too – a door, a couple of windows. So, use yourpenciland start drawing. Pick a spot where you’ll draw your door and then place the other elements by taking your distance from here.

Mushroom house steps (10)

Mushroom house steps (11)

Pencil in a couple of windows too. We placed them on opposite sides, with the door in the middle of it all.

Mushroom house steps (12)

Mushroom house steps (13)

Step 6: Paint the door

Now that you’ve drawn everything, it’s time you painted these details. Get the lighter shade of brown acrylic paint and yourpaintbrush. Cover the door area with brown paint and make sure you respect the lines you drew, going as straight as possible when tracing them.

Mushroom house steps (14)

Mushroom house steps (15)

Step 7: Paint the windows

Now that you’ve painted the door, you can also do the windows. Here, you want to trace the line you drew in, as well as a plus sign in the center – the classic shape for drawn windows.

Mushroom house steps (16)

Mushroom house steps (17)

Step 8: Add in some details

Now’s the time to get the acrylic paint in the darker shade of brown. Get the paintbrush and carefully trace the outline of the door.

Mushroom house steps (18)

Then, trace a few lines over the door too – this will make the door look like it’s made out of wood, giving it a natural grain feel. Also add in a small knob on one of the sides.

Mushroom house steps (19)

Mushroom house steps (20)

For the knob, you may want to trace it in with a pencil when the paint dries.

Mushroom house steps (21)

Step 9: Add the mushrooms

This is a mushroom house, but there are no mushrooms yet! Well, we have to fix this! So, grab the decor mushrooms and prepare them. Ours had some wires, but yours may come without, so you can just skip this part.

Mushroom house steps (22)

Mushroom house steps (23)

Get yourglue gun and add some on one side of the door. Place the mushrooms over the hot glue and press them into it slightly.

Mushroom house steps (24)

Mushroom house steps (25)

Step 10: Add the flowers

Now that the mushrooms are up on the mushroom house, you can start adding some of the decor flowers too. Keep adding hot glue to the pot and placing the flowers.

Mushroom house steps (26)

Depending on how many you have how busy you want the design, decide where to place them. There’s only one rule – make sure there aren’t spots that are too busy and others where you added no flowers.

Mushroom house steps (27)

Step 11: Add some heart

Our list of materials also had a pretty heart decor. Since it hasn’t gone up yet, it’s now time for that. Add some hot glue over the door and place the heart on it.

Mushroom house steps (28)

Step 12: Paint the details

With most decors added in already, it’s time you add some cute finishing tocuhes. Pick up yourpaintbrush and thegreen acrylic paint and start tracing down some stems and leaves for the flowers.

Mushroom house steps (29)

Make sure you don’t forget to finish up any of the flowers. In this way, they’ll look like they’re growing in the garden around the mushroom house, which is incredibly cute.

Mushroom house steps (30)

Step 13: Add the mushroom cap

We’re nearly done here, so it’s time you added the mushroom’s cap. Get theglue gun and add glue on the outer rim of the overturned pot. Make sure you add lots of it, as you have a big piece to add.

Mushroom house steps (31)

Get the drainage plate that you painted so beautifully and add it on top of the pot, completing the mushroom.

Mushroom house steps (32)

Step 14: Glue the butterfly

One last thing – we have a decor butterfly left to add. Add a hot glue dot on the mushroom house, somewhere above the main focal point – the door.

Mushroom house steps (33)

Get the decor butterfly and add it to the design. Hold it there for a few seconds and you’re done!

Mushroom house steps (34)

Ta da! It wasn’t that complicated to do and it’s such a lovely addition to your garden. You can place it among your flowers, or maybe on your windowsill.

Mushroom house steps (35)

Depending on what decor pieces you have at home, you can make this design yours by choosing different pieces. If you don’t have any flower decors to glue, you may even paint them all in instead. It’s all up to you!

Mushroom house (2)

We would love to see how your craft turned out, so share your pics with us over social media. Also, drop us a comment below and tell us what you think about the mushroom house.

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