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35 Mason Jar Recipes For Every and Any Occasions

DIY gifts, party favors or just a fun way to experiment in the kitchen, mason jar recipes are such a charming way to get creative cooking and baking. Layered hot chocolate or fresh cookies, there are an infinite amount of ways to pack a mason jar with all of the delicious ingredients you need for a weeknight treat or Saturday side. Check out 35 of our absolute favorite mason jar recipes and come to share the results of your own experiments!

1. Sweet & Spicy Chili with Cornbread

Sweet and Spicy Chili with Cornbread Topping Mason Jar

Iowa Girl Eats made an entire meal inside a mason jar, and we want a bite! This sweet and spicy chili with cornbread topping recipe is the perfect addition to a fall day.

2. Artichoke & Tortellini Salad

Artichoke & Tortellini Mason Jar Salad

For an easy work or school lunch, get this healthy meal together. Made by Organize Yourself Skinny layer your tortellini salad right inside the jar.

3. Cowgirl Cookies

Cowgirl Cookies in A Jar

This recipe isn’t ready-to-eat, instead, it’s ready to mix together and bake. It’s a great DIY gift or party favor – but the result is also delicious. Thanks Put It In A Jar!

4. Mini Smore’s

Mini Smore Mason Jars

Grab some smaller jars and create some smaller desserts for your next dinner party. Check out the recipe for these adorable smore’s over at Lovely Little DIY.

5. Salted Caramel Brownie Trifles