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15 DIY Jewelry Holders

Necklaces with knots and backless earrings, there has got to be a way to keep your jewelry more organized and ready-to-be worn. And that is why we’ve compiled 15 projects that will do just that. Scroll through these DIY jewelry holders to spot one that will keep your dresser jewelry-free or bathroom drawers a bit less chaotic. The best part? You’ll be able to find what you need without losing one more piece!

1. Lace Earring Holder

Lace Earring Holder DIY

About Him and Her created an earring holder that’s not only stylish and pretty but – when the right kind of lace is used – it makes a great spot for keeping earrings organized and ready-to-grab at a moment’s notice.

2. Necklace Display Branch

Jewelry Display Branch

Use a branch to create, not only a piece of art for your walls, but a spot for hanging some of your favorite or most-worn necklaces. Mojomade shows us how to get this project completed!

3. Cutlery Drawer Jewelry Organizer

DIY Jewelry Holder CUtlery drawer

DIY Mommy figured out how to use a cutlery drawer to her advantage and for more than just forks and spoons. Instead she installed some pretty knobs and made it functional!

4. Rake Necklace Holder


You can turn a garden tool into a display piece just like the The Thinking Closet did! Grab a metal rake, cut off the handle, paint it, hang it and voila!

5. Driftwood Necklace Holder

Driftwood Necklace Holer DIY

Visibly Moved used a piece of driftwood to create the foundation of her on-the-wall jewelry holder – for necklaces! Hang your favorites, choose fun knobs and add this functional, textural piece to your bedroom.

6. Antler Jewelry Display

Antler Jewelry Holder DIY

Good Clean Fun created a genius way to display some of their favorite pieces of jewelry. A trendy, antler piece is such a great way to utilize both style and utility.

7. 3-Tiered Jewelry Holder

DIY Tiered Jewelry Holder

Over at Go Make Me you can learn how to create this adorable and charming 3-tiered jewelry display with ease! Vintage teacups and dishes are a great way to make this project work.

8. Dress Form Jewelry Display

Dress Form Jewelry Display

Use a dress form, like Worthing Court did! It’s a perfect way to accent a walk-in closet or larger dresser. Stick earrings right in or brooches too!

9. Pegboard Jewlery Display

Pegboard Jewelry Display DIY

Utilize a pegboard, soup cans and other hardware pieces and create a functional spot for all your accessories to be displayed and organized at. Check out this DIY at The 36th Avenue.

10. Shelf Necklace Display

DIY Necklace Shelf

Display your necklace in a chic and homey way by using a simple, white shelf. With A Grateful Prayer created this one herself to solve an everyday issue – and we love it’s easy appeal.

11. Hanger Jewelry Display

Wooden Hanger

The BB Creative used a wooden hanger as the foundation to their jewelry organization. It’s simple, it’s easy and you can even paint or decorate the hanger to match the room around it.

12. Wooden Tile Necklace Display

DIY Wood Floor Tile Jewelry Holder

Here’s another funky, creative way to display your necklaces and keep them organized. Use wooden tile pieces as it’s foundation for a rustic, yet innovative, appeal. C.R.A.F.T.!

13. Earring Jewelry Box

DIY Jewelry Box

Tina Phan made her very own jewelry box for earrings! Follow her tutorial and make one for yourself and never lose your earrings again!

14. Accordion Rack Necklace Holder

Accordion Necklace Holder

Here’s a cozy, homey way to create an on-the-wall jewelry holder – especially for your necklace. An accordion rack has built in hooks and can easily be painted. Check this project out at Caught on a Whim.

15. Shadowbox Jewelry Holder

Shadowbox Jewelry Holder

Martha Stewart always give us creative and functional ideas, and this one is no exception. A shadowbox is the perfect way to create a spot for hanging necklaces and even have a less for excess.


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