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Delicious Desserts for People who Love Marshmallows

We all know how great marshmallows taste roasted over the fire, on a S’more, or even just on their own, but sometimes it’s nice to switch up your favourite treats! Next time you feel like making something sweet and sugary, why not try creating a more unique marshmallow dish rather than just reaching for the bag?

Check out these delicious marshmallow recipes that will leave you feeling just as sweet as your favourite treats, if not more so!

1. Funfetti sugar cookie sandwiches

Funfetti sugar cookie sandwiches

As if the idea of a cookie sandwich with some type of filling wasn’t good enough, Bakes by Chi Chi entices you with sticky sweet marshmallow fluff  in the middle! Decorate them with rainbow sprinkles for a little extra fun, especially if you’re making them for a birthday party.

2. Toasted marshmallow ice cream with fudge and graham swirls

Toased marshmallow ice cream with fudge and graham swirls

Ice cream is already a smooth, delicious snack, but nothing makes it more deliciously creamy than mixing in marshmallow. For added flavour, Heather’s French Press throws in fudge and graham swirls too!

3. Marshmallow strawberry shortcake

Marshmallow strawberry shortcake

If you’ve ever had starwberry shortcake then you know how mouthwatering it tastes. Do you want to know how to make it ever better, though? Believe it or not, Jelly Toast figured out the secret to doing so: marshmallows!

4. Campfire style Nutella S’more pie

Campfire style nutella s'more pie

Just because you can’t always be around a camp fire doesn’t mean you have to go without marshmallows, or even without S’mores for that matter! Try Plating Pixels delicious Nutella S’more pie just once and we guarantee you’ll be ready to make another every time you find yourself craving marshmallows.

5. Fluffernutter ice cream sandwiches

Fluffernutter ice cream sandwiches

You read that right- ice cream and marshmallows, and peanut butter, all transformed into one absolutely decadent dessert sandwich! Get the recipe for these magical treats on The Haute Meal.

6. S’mores cheesecake bars

S'mores cheesecake bars

Have we mentioned that we absolutely love shaking up classic recipes to make them even more delicious? That’s exactly what Sugar Dish Me does with these cheesecake S’mores. Why not mash up your very favourite snacks?

7. Banana cream pie with toasted marshmallow fluff

Banana cream pie with toasted marshmallow fluff

Meringue is delicious, but sometimes you need something cream and gooey rather than crunchy. This banana cream pie by A Periodic Table is a perfect example of how sometimes you don’t really need a crunch to make a treat sweet!

8. Fluffernutter brownie cupcakes

Fluffernutter brownie cupcakes

This recipe combines brownies, cupcakes, marshmallow, and peanut butter all in once place! That description might sound a little rich tasting, but we think you’ll just love it if you’re really in the mood for something sweet. Check out the recipe on Sweet Tooth.

9. Pina colada fruit dip

Pina colada fruit dip

Whether you think this is a unique side salad or a novelty way for adults to justify eating their dessert before their dinner, we’ll bet you still think it’s a pretty summertime dessert. Center Cut Cook has the recipe you need!

10. Rocky road cookie bars

Rocky road cookie bars

If you’ve ever had rocky road ice cream and enjoyed how the marshmallow laces through it, appearing on every second bite or so, then you’ll just adore this rocky road cookie bar that gets you the same great taste and effect… but with chocolate.{found on Garnish and Glaze}.

11. Marshmallow popcorn

Marshmallow popcorn

Do you love sweet and salty treats? Then you’ll be excited about the idea of making popcorn with marshmallows, just like you would for Rice Krispy squres. Find out how to do it on Oh Sweet Basil.

12. Strawberry graham cracker dessert

Strawberry graham cracker dessert

Between the thick layer of marshmallow fluff in the centre  and the finely ground graham cracker crust, this recipe might be even even better than regular S’more flavoured recipes. After all, ths one has strawberries!{found on Pics and Pastries}.

13. Chocolate covered marshmallow cupcake sliders

Chocolate covered marshmallow cupcake sliders

Make chocolate cupcakes, cut them in half, fill them with marshmallow… and then dip them in chocolate. We’re not sure who came up with the original idea, but we’d like to thank them! Gringalicious shows you how it’s done.

14. Strawberry rice crispy pops

Strawberry rice crispy pops

This recipe is the perfect idea for one someone who adores Rice Krispy squares but has been looking for ways to switch the classic recipe up! NOt only are they totally adorably decorated, but they also taste like strawberries rather than just plain sugar! Get the recipe on Taste-e.

15. Fluffernutter ice cream cake

Fluffernutter ice cream cake

We can hardly think of anything that goes better together than marshmallow fluff and peanut butter, except for maybe those two things plus ice cream!{found on Mrspenguin}.

Do you have another favourite marshmallow-based recipe that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about it in the comments section beflow!

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