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How to Plan Your Own Mardi Gras Party

Whether you’re going to be in New Orleans for the big day or not, planning a Mardi Gras party can be an absolute blast. By now, it’s the kind of internationally appreciated day that gets celebrated all over the world as yet another opportunity to see friends and be social, so we know lots of people who get dressed up and invite each other over or go out for a night on the town no matter where they live! While we’re almost always game for a fun night out with friends, sometimes we find that we actually have more fun staying in and hosting a party ourselves, especially when there’s a particular holiday or theme involved. What can we say? We just adore decorating and creating a whole party experience ourselves for friends and family that much!

Just in case you’re as interested as we usually are in hosting your own Mari Gras party, here are 15 awesome tips, tricks, tutorials, and ideas for making it extra fun by putting your DIY skills to good use!

1. Smart Mardi Gras planning in New Orleans

Smart mardi gras planning in new orleans

Are you actually planning on building your guests your very own Mardi Gras experience while you’re in New Orleans? Then you’re going to want to give everyone the true authentic experience, making sure to include a little bit of everything! There will likely be a lot going on around you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t organize your own part of the celebration as well. This guide from The Southern Thing to balancing all of the elements of a perfect New Orleans Mardi Gras will get you totally sorted!

2. Cute, simple printable centrepieces

Cute, simple printable centrepieces

Perhaps you’re having a simple party that you’d like to keep quite cheap and easy because it was a last minute idea, but you still want to pay enough attention to detail that your friends will be really impressed when they arrive? Then taking care of simple, classic party elements like centre pieces for the buffet table is a great way to lay down some decor basics! You can make that extra easy on yourself by using fun, colourful Mardi Gras printables, like these ones featured on Parties 2 Plan.

3. Fun options for masquerade parties

Fun options for masquerade parties

As everyone knows (whether they’re in New Orleans or not), Mardi Gras is a masquerade affair! We know people who go all out buying the fanciest masks they can find in stores, but we also know many people (like ourselves) who love to go all out making our own instead! Sometimes, however, we think it’s nice to make sure everyone at the party has a nice mask to wear, even if they don’t have the time or money to buy or make their own. That’s why we liked this awesome list of mask ideas from DIY Network! They show you how to start with simple, small store bought masks and embellish them quickly and affordably but in a way that makes them look absolutely great.

4. DIY sparkling Mardi Gras mask wreath

Diy sparkling mardi gras mask wreath

Perhaps you actually made yourself a few too many masks, or maybe you had some left over from last year’s party? In that case, we’d suggest using them as decor pieces around the house or venue instead! One of our favourite examples of this idea is this adorable DIY sparkling mask wreath outlined on Homesteading. They show you how to use baubles, metallic ribbon, and jumbo Mardi Gras beads to transform your spare mask into a very impressive door hanger indeed.