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Cheerful Manicures That Will Get You in the mood for Spring

Bright colours and fun patterns are a great way to get yourself into the swing of spring. Whether you’re applying a fresh look to your bedroom, your wardrobe, or your nails, springtime is a good time for a makeover.

Check out these cheerful spring manicures that will have you feeling ready for spring showers and April flowers in no time!

1. Two toned green nails

Two toned green nails

Choosing two different shades of green reflects the bright leaves and fresh green grass popping up everywhere outside as spring starts to bloom.(Source: Style Frizz)

2. Spring shades and polka dots

Spring shades and polka dots

If you like the idea of using springtime greens but you’re looking for a little more flare, choose one accent nail and dot colours polka dots all over a contrasting background.(Source: Style Frizz)

3. All-over polka dots

All over polka dots

A series of small, evenly spaced polka dots across all of your nails looks cheerful and whimsical.

4. Green gradient chevron

Green gradient chevron

Both the ombre colour effect and then pattern are bright and cheerful enough for some springtime style in this look!(Source: Style Frizz)

5. Pastel blue with glitter tips

Pastel blue with glitter tips

Light spring colours are always season appropriate, but they’re even more cheerful and bright when you pair them with matching glitter.

6. Coloured confetti polish

Coloured confetti polish

Springtime is the time to start wearing white again, but coloured confetti sparkles add a pop of personality!(Source: Orglamix)

7. Flowers and stripes

Flowers and stripes

Alternating white strips with brightly coloured ones will brighten your mood and matching flower stickers (or painted flowers, if you’re a detailed person) will make sure everyone knows you’re ready for spring.(Source: Cosmetic Cupcake)

8. Cuticle polka dots

Cuticle polka dots

Concentrating your polka dots around the moon shape at the base of your nail is playful, especially if you do them in a few different colours!(Source: Moncur)

9. Banana nails

Banana nails

Spring is a time for fresh, colourful, delicious fruit! Of course, you’ll mostly be eating it, but fruit also makes for a cute themed manicure!(Source: Popsugar)

10. Neon, bows, and rhinestones

Neon, bows, and rhinestones

The brighter the colour, the better! When it comes to spring time, blending cheerful shades and fun patterns is rarely a bad thing. Bows and rhinestones give a colourful manicure a little extra kick.(Source: Love This Pic)

11. Mini egg nails

Mini egg nails

What’s cuter than a manicure that mimics your favourite Easter candy? These mini egg nails are perfect for early spring.(Source: Popsugar)

12. Spring bouquet nails

Spring bouquet nails

If you’re a detailed person with the patience to paint individual petals, use your skills to create a fresh spring bouquet at the tip of each nail! For extra prettiness, choose on accent nail on each hand for full coverage flowers.(Source: Holy Manicures)

13. Branches, blossoms, and birds

Branches, blossoms, and birds

This gorgeous manicure combines all different techniques! Ombre the background to look like a summer sky, get detailed with a painted image, and continue that image across all of your nails for a truly unique look.(Source: Guff)

14. Posies and hearts

Posies and hearts

Cover your nails in blossoms with little leaves, then choose one nail and stick a piece of tape cute in the shape of a heart right in the middle. Paint over the heart in a contrast colour until the polish is opaque and the flowers underneath can’t be seen. Once the polish is completely dry, peel up the hear so that the flowers underneath peek through a heart shaped cutout!(Source: Fab Fashion Fix)

15. Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Painted delicate, blooming pink blossoms on each nail will make your manicure look just as cheerful and bright as the flowers blooming on the cherry blossom tree outside your window!(Source: Guff)

Have you give yourself or your friends other springtime manicures that you don’t see here? Tell us about your techniques in the comments section or link us to pictures of your work!

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