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How to Make Powdered Sugar

Because we’re such baking enthusiasts, we’re always looking for new ways to challenge ourselves in the kitchen. Sometimes, that involves learning how to make our favourite treats from scratch more authentically, rather than just buying things at the store and mixing them together. Our latest homemade challenge has been powdered sugar!

Just in case you’d love to learn how to make powdered sugar at home too, rather than just grabbing the plastic bag off the shelf in the store, here are 15 fantastic tutorials to help you out, just to make sure you have variety.

1. The Burlap Bag

The burlap bag

Of all the guides and tutorials we’ve tried so far in our DIY powdered sugar ventures (and, believe us, we’ve tried many), this one might be our favourite. We found that the resulting sugar was particularly find, making it extra smooth!

2. Downshiftology


Just in case you’ve ever been curious about precisely what goes in to making the perfect DIY confectioners sugar, here’s a tutorial that really breaks down and explains the ingredients, rather than just telling you to mix them up and be done with it! We appreciate that.

3. Whole New Mom

Whole new mom

That’s right, sugar can be low carb too! If you ask us, that’s a pretty awesome bonus. Take a look at this tutorial to learn how a slightly more refined texture can be achieved in making homemade icing sugar.

4. Craftsy Baking

Craftsy baking

If you ask us, one of the best parts of making your powdered sugar at home is that you can make it in any quantity you choose! Mix a little bit up at a time if you only need it for one small thing or make a whole large batch and store some away for later if confectioner’s sugar is something you use all the time.