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How to Make Beds With Storage

Every once in a while, we feel a big upswing in DIY motivation and decide to take on a project that’s a little more challenging than usual. It’s usually a piece of furniture or some light home renovation and, if we’re being honest, we have a pretty good track record for being happy with it when we’re done! Our latest endeavour is our decision to make a homemade bed frame that features its own storage. We’ve already started looking for inspiration and guidance online before we’ve fully decided what style and size we want, and we’re pleasantly surprised to see just how many options and helpful resources there are out there!

1. Twin dresser bed

Twin dresser bed

Is the room that you’d like to make your storage bed for a child’s room, so the best you’ll be working with is quite small, like a twin? In that case, you’d be able to create something like this awesome raised dresser bed! The width of a twin bed is no more than the top of the average dresser and The Sweet Tea Life is here to show you how to extend the top so it’s long enough and make it solid, giving you a whole set of drawers and a useful crawl space underneath!

2. Queen sized wooden frame bed with drawers

Queen sized wooden frame bed with drawers

Would you actually prefer to work with a larger bed size and keep it much lower to the ground than what you just saw? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t still give yourself drawers underneath! We’re huge fans of the way Darbin Orvar outlines the surprisingly simple process of building a low wooden bed frame that features cubby drawers and basket shelves rather than an empty under space like the average metal bed frame.

3. Pastel cubbies storage bed

Pastel cubbies storage bed

Are you still thinking about how much you love the idea of making a raised storage bed for your child, with lots of space underneath to organize all their toys, but you don’t wait to raise it up quite as high as a full dresser? Then we think you might prefer the way Edmund Designs created this cubby shelf and inserts bed frame from a pastel shelving unit that matches the room!

4. IKEA hack platform bed with steps and cupboards

Ikea hack platform bed with steps and cupboards

Are you actually totally intrigued by this whole idea of raised bed platforms to the point that you might want a higher up design for yourself, only in a larger bed size? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’d get along quite well indeed with this IKEA hack design that shows you how to created a bed atop a series of cupboards arranged next to each other instead of being stacked on top as usual. Get the details for making your own version, complete with stairs, on HandyDadTV!

5. Wheeled drawers under bed storage

Wheeled drawers under bed storage

Are you actually already set as far as beds and their frames are concerned but you just can’t help wondering whether there isn’t a way to add efficient storage in the regular space under your bed in order to take better advantage of it? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Grillo Designs made themselves a pair of wide drawers with good handles that pull out and push back under the bed thanks to little wheels on the floor rather than drawer tracks in any kind of frame!

6. Twin storage bed built from scratch

Twin storage bed built from scratch

Are you actually quite a handy woodworker, if you do say so yourself, and you have quite a bit of practice building simple furniture pieces? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll have no trouble at all with this full plan and tutorial from Rogue Engineer for building a twin bed frame with custom drawers underneath from scratch!

7. IKEA hack cubbies shelf twin storage bed

Ikea hack cubbies shelf twin storage bed

Are you still quite interested in the idea of building a twin kids’ bed that has cubby storage underneath, but you’re looking for the kind that fits more than one drawer insert? Maybe you’re just looking for a version that doesn’t require any cutting of pieces at all. In either case, this slightly different IKEA hack tutorial from Hey There, Home sounds like it has just what you need! They even show you how to affix rock climbing rocks to the end to make climbing up into bed extra fun.

8. Custom made farmhouse storage bed with drawers

Custom made farmhouse storage bed with drawers

Are you actually feeling up for a bit more of a challenge when it comes to building your own custom storage bed frame because your woodworking skills are slightly more advanced and you’d like to make it sized for you rather than your kids? Then we think you might be the perfect person to give this lovely wooden farmhouse bed with its own complete set of drawers a try! Get the full details for recreating it yourself thanks to Ana White.

9. IKEA hack bed made from bookcases

Ikea hack bed made from bookcases

Are you still quite taken with the idea of making a storage bed from IKEA hacks but you’ve always preferred beds that sit a little lower to the ground than the cubby shelve versions you’ve seen so far? In that case, we’d be willing to bed that this tutorial from Love & Renovations that shows you how to create basket storage using two bookshelves turned on their sides might be a little more catered to your tastes!

10. DIY built-in wall indent storage bed

Diy built in wall indent storage bed

Do you actually already have the good fortune to be working with a room that has an alcove you’ve like to fill creatively and practically all at once? Well, it sounds like you’ve got the perfect spot for building a raised storage bed that’s roughly twin sized! We’d suggest checking out the way Shanty 2 Chic created their own platform with custom fit drawers in a way that is, if you have some building experience, actually a lot simpler to pull off than it looks.

11. Custom storage platform bed with high cupboards and small steps

Custom storage platform bed with high cupboards and small steps

Are you still thinking about how much you loved the idea of making a platform bed with its own cupboards and stairs but you’d almost like to make it into a whole station, complete with a border that acts as a bedside table or decor ledge? In that case, we’re convinced that this next tutorial from Oh Yes that involves each of those elements is precisely what you’re looking for!

12. Storage bed from an upcycled dresser

Storage bed from an upcycled dresser

Are you still scrolling through our list and finding yourself fixating on the idea that involved putting a bed on top of a dresser, but you can’t help wondering whether there isn’t a version that doesn’t requite you to extend the top? Then we’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at how Ladybird and Fellow made this version using a much larger vintage dresser they they upcycled!

13. Double corner storage bed unti

Double corner storage bed unti

If you build one of your children an awesome raised platform bed with stairs and drawers underneath, do you just know you’re going to have to build a second version too? Well, if they’re willing to share a room and sleep in closer quarters, then perhaps you’d be better recreating this amazing corner unit design featured step by step on The Pages! We love the way that the spot where the beds meet in the corner becomes a quiet little hideaway.

14. Low plywood storage bed

Low plywood storage bed

Are you actually feeling quite determined to make your own entire bed frame from scratch, complete with storage underneath, even though you aren’t all that experienced in woodworking after all? Well, here’s an idea from Lowe’s that even a beginner can handle! Check out how they built a platform bed with cubby space using repurposed plywood and very simple techniques.

15. Rustic wooden twin storage bed frame

Rustic wooden twin storage bed frame

Just in case you’re still convinced that building an entire wooden bed frame from scratch is the best idea for you but you’re looking for something that will look a little less brand new and freshly done when you’re finished, here’s a lovely design that’s slightly more rustic in its aesthetic! Get the full steps for making your own version happen on Do It Yourself Divas.

Do you know a fellow home crafter or DIY enthusiast who has talked about wanting to make their own storage bed but who you know could also use some guidance along the way? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of suggestions, information, and options to work with!

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