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How to Make Beds With Storage

Every once in a while, we feel a big upswing in DIY motivation and decide to take on a project that’s a little more challenging than usual. It’s usually a piece of furniture or some light home renovation and, if we’re being honest, we have a pretty good track record for being happy with it when we’re done! Our latest endeavour is our decision to make a homemade bed frame that features its own storage. We’ve already started looking for inspiration and guidance online before we’ve fully decided what style and size we want, and we’re pleasantly surprised to see just how many options and helpful resources there are out there!

1. Twin dresser bed

Twin dresser bed

Is the room that you’d like to make your storage bed for a child’s room, so the best you’ll be working with is quite small, like a twin? In that case, you’d be able to create something like this awesome raised dresser bed! The width of a twin bed is no more than the top of the average dresser and The Sweet Tea Life is here to show you how to extend the top so it’s long enough and make it solid, giving you a whole set of drawers and a useful crawl space underneath!

2. Queen sized wooden frame bed with drawers

Queen sized wooden frame bed with drawers

Would you actually prefer to work with a larger bed size and keep it much lower to the ground than what you just saw? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t still give yourself drawers underneath! We’re huge fans of the way Darbin Orvar outlines the surprisingly simple process of building a low wooden bed frame that features cubby drawers and basket shelves rather than an empty under space like the average metal bed frame.

3. Pastel cubbies storage bed

Pastel cubbies storage bed

Are you still thinking about how much you love the idea of making a raised storage bed for your child, with lots of space underneath to organize all their toys, but you don’t wait to raise it up quite as high as a full dresser? Then we think you might prefer the way Edmund Designs created this cubby shelf and inserts bed frame from a pastel shelving unit that matches the room!

4. IKEA hack platform bed with steps and cupboards

Ikea hack platform bed with steps and cupboards

Are you actually totally intrigued by this whole idea of raised bed platforms to the point that you might want a higher up design for yourself, only in a larger bed size? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’d get along quite well indeed with this IKEA hack design that shows you how to created a bed atop a series of cupboards arranged next to each other instead of being stacked on top as usual. Get the details for making your own version, complete with stairs, on HandyDadTV!

5. Wheeled drawers under bed storage

Wheeled drawers under bed storage